Zodiac alert: What’s in store for Cancer in 2022?

The Cancer season (June 21 to July 22) is underway, and known for their sensitivity, Cancerians are often deemed as spiteful when hurt, yet incredibly devoted in love. Celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji sheds light on what the coming months of 2022 may hold for those falling under this zodiac sign.

Work Life:

Employed individuals may secure the coveted position they’ve longed for, but the challenge lies in increased responsibilities, testing their patience and managerial skills. Overconfidence is to be avoided. Business owners must stay vigilant against competitors employing new strategies. Job seekers may find it slightly challenging to land their ideal job, suggesting the exploration of hobbies as potential sources of income.

Love Life:

Serious relationships are indicated in the stars this year, but confusion may arise with the return of an ex-flame. Time will demand a wise decision during moments of confusion. Choosing someone who genuinely cares and has demonstrated results is advised. Some may embark on the journey of marriage, contingent on individual temperaments.


Financial stability prevails as long as systematic investment plans (SIPs) or provident funds (PF) remain intact. Those without either should focus on building them. Saving is encouraged, avoiding expenditures on unnecessary items. Real estate investment is a possibility, but expert consultation is crucial to avoid entering into the wrong scheme.

Health Meter:

Overall health is expected to be fine, but there’s a risk of spondylitis, emphasizing the importance of correcting posture before it escalates. A comprehensive body check-up is recommended in the coming weeks to identify and address any seemingly minor issues that may have greater implications.