What Type of Pictures Put in Puja Ghar & House? – Vastu Shastra

We put pictures in the home for beauty, memory and worship. These pictures may be colorful, normal, big or small. Special waves come out from pictures. Therefore, it directly impacts on our mind. They make good or bad impact on mind. Pictures affect mind, nature, planet and our luck.

wall picturesWorship: Put god-goddess and master picture at worship place. This picture should be clean and clear. Put this picture at worship place or work place. Always, put pictures straight of your eyes. Do not put too many pictures for worship at worship place. Change the picture if its color or image becomes light.

House: Put marriage image in your bedroom. You can also keep joint image of husband-wife. Put parents or siblings image in north side. Put dead person image on south side. Put family picture in the dining area of the home.

Put flower and water picture in drawing room and near main gate to increase love. Put sitting Lakshmi image at worship place for financial prosperity. Put lotus or cow image in bedroom to get child. Put rising sun image in office for good health. Put lord Shiva and Krishna image at worship place to get rid of every problem.

Always put colorful and beautiful picture. Do not keep wild animal, fire and throne picture. Keep picture clean. Do not let the dust accumulate on it. Do not keep husband-wife and children picture at worship place. Do not keep god-goddess image in bedroom and too many pictures in the home. This creates confusion in relations.

Astrology Solution To Family Problems – AskMonk

Everyone wants happiness in their domestic life. However, many people face a problem in their domestic life. There are several reasons, which affect happiness. The conflict remains in the home due to pitru dosha. The bad vastu and weak planets are also responsible for conflict in the house. We should do some remedy of pitru dosha. Conflict occurs due to weak Mars.

family problemOne should do some remedy to get rid of pitru dosha. Do not let store the water at home or around the four sides of the house. The conflict increases if the water store around the home. Siblings cannot remain happy, or there might be a conflict between siblings. One should do Yagna in the house.

You can chant any psalm while doing Yagna. You can do Yagna on every day or once in a week. Also, involve your children in the Yagna. This will reduce the conflict and increase happiness in the home.

Parents should teach children to stand on their feet. This will avoid the conflict between the siblings. On Tuesdays, children can donate milk in the glass. They can do this remedy on Shukal Paksh’s Tuesday. This avoids conflict between siblings. Children can donate food after evening worship. Do this remedy on new moon day.

Many times there will be a conflict between family members due to property. In this case, parents should do some remedy. They should take almond, fill it with surma and cover it with red colour thread. Hide it in a flowerpot. Do this remedy on new moon day.

Future Prediction Based on Birth “Day”

In western astrology, birthday has particular importance. We can know the person’s nature based on the day of his birth. Also, we can understand the critical things about his life. We can improve our experience by doing such a thing.

future predictionMonday: Children born on this day are moody. Their bhagyoday happens after their marriage. They should always take care of their relations.

Tuesday: Children born on this day are angry. Usually, they remain ill in childhood. They may get an injury. Therefore, they should continue carefully.

Wednesday: Children born on this day are precious. But they want perfection in every work. They should control their selfish nature.

Thursday: Children born on this day are lucky. They get good fame-prestige. They should avoid keeping too much trust in others.

Friday: Children born on this day are spiritual. They have special mercy of God. They should prevent negligence and over-confidence.

Saturday: Children born on this day does more struggle. But they get success after one age after going foreign. They should avoid alcohol and love relationship.

Sunday: Children born on this day remains ill. However, they get good fame-prestige. They should take care of their domestic life.

How to Increase Morale? – Astrology Remedies

Many times our morale disturbs. People have self-confidence. However, they have weak confidence. We should do some remedies to maintain morale. There are so many conditions, which affects morale. Morale becomes weak due to weak Moon. We can increase morale by chanting Aaditya Hriday Strot.

increase confidenceOne can wear three metal chhala in thumb or little finger. This will increase morale. You should wear it both thumb and both little fingers. You can also wear it in one little finger and one thumb. This will increase confidence. Always give support to the truth. Morale also improves through study. Morale rises with the company of good people.

Morale increases by listening to good thoughts. Good thoughts give good change in life. A person has weak light if the Sun is weak.

In this condition, a person attracts toward others. Some thoughts can increase morale. One should maintain confidence.One should listen to the voice of the heart to boost morale. Close your ears and concentrate on your heart. Do this remedy for at least five minutes. This will increase confidence.

Do not afraid of losing. You should work hard. God will give you his desire. You can chant “Om Klim” psalm. Chant this psalm between 8:00 PM and 2:30 AM. You should sit in front of the goddess image or idol with concentration. Chant this psalm in front of the goddess. You will feel incredible power in a few days.

Planets Provides Protection To Your Child’s Life

Moon has more impact on a child until the age of 8. After that, the effect of the Moon becomes stable. After the age of 12, Mercury impacts on the child. Aquatic zodiac and Moon decides the child’s life. If they are affected, then there will be a problem in a child’s protection.

child protectionA child’s health disturbs when Moon is weak in the horoscope. If there is Balrisht yoga in horoscope, then the child gets ill health. If there is no planet in the centre, lagan, fourth, seventh and tenth house, then child faces health problem. Children whose radix is 02, 04, 07 or 08 they face health problem in childhood.

On the above cases, cover the child’s throat with half silver Moon. You can cover it in a red colour thread on Monday night. Chant “Namah Shivay” for 108 times in the morning for the child. It is incredibly beneficial if Mother chants this psalm for the child. Parents can donate white food on Monday. Let the child wear less black colour clothes.

In the horoscope, if the owner of lagan is weak, the auspicious planet is emaciated then there is a problem in the child’s security. A child faces a security problem if there is guruchandal yoga in horoscope or Moon is a sin. If a child born in Rahu or Ketu’s Dasha, then he may face a security problem.

On the above cases, cover the child’s wrist with red colour thread. Regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa for child’s security. Take the child to religious place once in a week. Spend time with the child and talk with him. Keep child away from beauty products and fragrance.