Pitra Dosh & It’s Remedies

Pitra Dosh Remedies

Pitra dosh is a very frightening affliction in an individual’s horoscope because of its extremely negative consequences. People suffer a variety of setbacks in their lives as a result of this dosh; they face obstacles in their path to success, suffer from accidents, diseases, or illnesses, and witness unnatural deaths. Hence, remedies must be carried … Read more

नाम और जन्म तिथि से कुंडली मिलान

नाम और जन्म तिथि से कुंडली मिलान

विवाह गृहस्थाश्रम की आधारशिला है तथा उसी के माध्यम से मनुष्य–देव–ऋषि एवम पितृ आदि ऋणो से मुक्त होकर परम कल्याण को प्राप्त हो सकता है। इसी कारण शुभ लक्षणों से सुन्दर , सुशीला, मधुर भाषणी एवम पतिव्रता कन्या तथा कर्तव्यनिष्ठ, सुशिक्षित, सदाचारी एवं सुसंस्कृत लडके के साथ विवाह सम्बन्ध शुभ होता है। विवाह सम्बन्ध करने … Read more

Mangal Dosha Calculator

Mangal Dosha Calculator

Mangal Dosha refers to a malevolent affliction that exists in Vedic Astrology. This affliction occurs when the planet Mars (Mangal Grih) rests in the second, seventh, first, eighth, twelfth or fourth house of a person’s natal chart or horoscope. A person who has this affliction in their chart is said to be possessing the Mangal … Read more

Papasamyam Calculator – What is Papasamyam and how is it calculated?

Papasamyam Calculator

Papasamyam is defined as the means of finding dosha samyam to find compatibility of horoscopes. It is part of the process termed as kundli matching in layman terms, wherein the horoscopes of the man and the woman are matched to see if they are compatible. This is done by measuring the intensity and compatibility of … Read more

How Does Rahu in 7th House act? – Is He Desirable Or Dangerous?

Rahu in 7th House

In western astrology, Rahu is known as the dragon’s head, and Ketu is known as the dragon’s tail. They are shadow planets that do not exist in the physical world. Still, Rahu and Ketu are villains in people’s lives, despite their ability to propel a person to new heights of success. However, their basic nature … Read more