Marriage Muhurat by Date of Birth 2019 – Shaadi Muhurat

If you are planning to get married this year, you have made the right choice. We have good news for you.

The exact Vivah Muhurat holds great importance in Hinduism. No auspicious ceremony is performed without a proper Muhurat let alone the marriage. Marriage is considered as the biggest event of one’s life and that is why people always look for the best muhurats of around the year to fix the date.

According to Hindu marriage calendar there are some rules that help to calculate the right muhurat for one’s marriage. Hinduism offers great value to one’s sun sign and the sun signs of both, bride and groom are analyzed during the process of Kundli matching to look for the muhurat of marriage. This is the most popular way of calculating marriage muhurat by date of birth.   

There is no as such fixed formula to calculate the auspicious vivah muhurat according to Kundli. Even Hindu sages have different opinion on this issue and that is why one has to be extra careful while deciding the date of marriage. It is also adviced to take more than one opinions before finalizing the date of auspicious day.        

A few people believe in calculating the date of vivah muhurat according to Kundli while others believe in calculating the vivah muhurat by date.

We have prepared a table for you with all the possible shaadi muhurat of the year 2019.

Marriage DatesShubh Vivah MuhuratNakshatraTithi
17th January (Thursday) 22:34 to 31:19RohiniDwadashi
18th January (Friday) 07:19 to 22:11Rohini, MrigashirshaDwadashi, Tryodashi
23rd January (Wednesday)07:18 to 13:40MaghaTritya
25th January (Friday)14:48 to 31:16Uttara Phalguni, HastaPanchmi, Shashthi
26th January (Saturday)07:16 to 15:05HastaShashthi
29th January (Tuesday)15:15 to 27:02Anuradha Dashmi
1st February (Friday)07:14 to 21:08 MulaDwadashi, Tryodashi
8th February (Friday)14:59 to 23:24Uttara BhadrapadaPanchami
9th February (Saturday)12:26 to 31:08Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiPanchami
10th February (Sunday)07:08 to 13:06RevatiPanchami
15th February (Friday)07:04 to 20:53MrigashirshaDashami, Ekadashi
21 February (Thursday)06:59 to 23:13Uttara PhalguniDwitya, Tritya
23rd February (Saturday)22:48 to 30:56SwatiPanchami
24th February (Sunday)06:56 to 22:03SwatiShashathi
26th February (Tuesday)10:48 to 23:04AnuradhaAshtami
28th February (Thursday)07:21 to 19:36MulaDashmi
2nd March (Saturday)11:32 to 30:48Uttara AshadhaDwadashi
7th March (Thursday)20:55 to 30:43Uttara BhadrapadaPratipada, Dwitya
8th March (Friday)06:43 to 30:42Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiDwitya, Tritya
9th March (Saturday)06:42 to 18:49RevatiTritya
13th march (Wednesday)06:37 to 28:23RohiniSaptami
16th April (Thursday)25:51 to 29:58Uttara PhalguniDwitiya, Tritiya
17th April (Wednesday)05:58 to 18:33Uttara PhalgoniTryodashi
18th April (Thursday)14:58 to 19:26HastaChaturdashi
19th April (Friday)19:30 to 29:55SwatiPratipada
20th April (Saturday) 05:55 to 17:59SwatiPratipada, Dwitya
22nd April (Monday) 11:25 to 16:46AnuradhaChaturthi
24th April (Wednesday)05:51 to 18:36MulaPanchami, Shashthi
25th April (Thursday)25:39 to 29:49 Uttara AshadhaSaptami
26th April (Friday)05:49 to 23:15Uttara AshadhaSaptami, Ashtami
02nd May (Thursday)05:44 to 27:21Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Trayodashi
06th May (Monday)16:37 to 25:15RohiniDwitya
07th May (Tuesday) 23:24 to 29:39MrigashirshaTritya, Chaturthi
08th May (Wednesday) 05:39 to 13:40MrigashirshaChaturthi
12th May (Sunday) 17:34 to 29:36MaghaNavmi
14th May (Tuesday) 08:54 to 23:47Uttara PhalguniDashami, Ekadshi
15th May (Wednesday)10:36 to 29:34HastaDwadashi
17th May (Friday)17:39 to 27:08SwatiChaturdashi
19th May (Sunday)13:08 to 26:08AnuradhaPratipada
21th May (Tuesday)08:45 to 13:25MulaTritiya
23rd May (Thursday) 05:31 to 29:30Uttara AshadhaPanchami, Shashathi
28th May (Tuesday)18:59 to 26:30Uttara BhadrapadaDashmi
29th May (Wednesday)15:21 to 29:28Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiEkadashi
30th May (Thursday)05:28 to 16:38RevatiEkadashi
8th June (Saturday)22:59 to 29:27MaghaShashathi, Saptami
9th June (Sunday)05:27 to 15:50MaghaSaptami
10th June (Monday)14:22 to 29:27Uttara Phalguni Ashtami, Navmi
12th June (Wednesday)06:08 to 11:52HastaDashmi
13th June (Thursday)25:24 to 29:27SwatiDwadashi
14th June (Friday) 05:27 to 10:18SwatiDwadashi
15th June (Saturday) 10:00 to 29:27AnuradhaTryodashi, Chaturdashi
16th June (Sunday) 05:27 to 10:08AnuradhaChaturdashi
17th June (Monday)17:01 to 29:27MulaPratipada
18th June (Tuesday)05:27 to 11:51MulaPratipada
19th June (Wednesday)13:30 to 18:58Uttara AshadhaDwitya, Tritya
25th June (Tuesday)05:29 to 29:29Uttara BhadrapadaAshtami, Navmi
26th June (Wednesday)05:29 to 23:51RevatiNavmi
06th July (Saturday) 13:10 to 21:52 MaghaPanchami
7th July (Sunday) 20:14 to 29:34Uttara PhalguniShashthi
8th November (Friday) 12:24 to 30:43Uttara BhadrapadaDwadashi
9th November (Saturday)06:43 to 30:43Uttara Bhadrapada, RevatiDwadashi, Tryodashi
10th November (Sunday)06:43 to 10:44RevatiTryodashi
14th November (Thursday)09:15 to 30:47Rohini, MrigashirshaDwitya, Tritya
22nd November (Friday)09:01 to 30:54Uttara Phalguni, HastaEkadshi
23rd November (Saturday)06:54 to 14:46 HastaDwadashi
24th November (Sunday)12:48 to 25:06SwatiTaryodashi
30th November (Saturday) 18:05 to 31:00Uttara Ashadha Panchami
5th December (Thursday) 30:08 to 31:04Uttara BhadrapadaNavami, Dashmi
6th December (Friday)07:04 to 16:32Uttara Bhadrapada Dashami
11th December (Wednesday) 22:54 to 31:08RohiniPurnima
12th December (Thursday)07:08 to 30:19MrigashirshaPurnima, Pratipada

Make sure you deal with an experienced astrologer to get the accurate calculations. All the above mentioned dates and muhurats are based on the location and can change with the change of the location.

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