Astrology & Vehicle’s Lucky Number

Vehicle number numerology is being an essential facet while choosing numbers. Why we choose a lucky number? Because to prevent accidents and any kind of adverse events. The lucky vehicle number merely depends on the personality of the vehicle owner. If and only if the vehicle owner and the vehicle have fair compatibility everything will go smooth, otherwise the accidental chances and other undesirable occurrences will be higher. If your car number is well-suited with your name number or is positive for your name, then favorable luck can be expected from your car. Hence, car number numerology is considered and given more importance among the Astro-buff.

Many of us desire fancy numbers like 7878, 8888, 9999, and 4000, etc. Though it looks great on the number plate of your favorite car, in reality, not all these numbers either favor you or your vehicle. Hence, you have to consult a proper numerologist to correctly choose the suitable number for you.

How to choose your vehicle number (astrology)?

You should comply with some rules while setting a number for your vehicle. Firstly, choose a lucky number for vehicle-based on date of birth. There are some charts to help you with this. Basically, you have to make only your date of birth as a whole number and find out the corresponding single vehicle number that suits it.

Say for instance, if your birth date is 15th, the single whole number of your DOB will be 1+5=6. As per the vehicle numbers numerology chart, the vehicle single digit can be 5, 6, and 8. So, you may choose your vehicle number which adds up to either one of these three numbers.

So, now you know how to get a single digit of your vehicle. Below is a table, which will show you the good and bad aspects of different single-digit vehicle numbers.

Single Digit of Vehicle Planet Belongs to Good Aspects Negative Aspects
0 Can change your life. Can give big negative impact as well.
1 Sun Works well with government works. Will increase your Ego.
2 Moon You may have many traveling. May cause small accidents.
3 Jupiter Good for consultation work. Will increase your Ego.
4 Rahu Will make you rich. Can force you to make the wrong decision in life.
5 Mercury Perfect for business. Not give you good impression.
6 Venus Good for creative works. You will get distracted.
7 Ketu Will make you more religious trips. Will not benefit much.
8 Saturn Will help you to reach more people. Will make you super busy.
9 Mars Help you to make a quick decisions. May cause small accidents.

There are a few digits that will have negative influences on your vehicle with respect to your single birth date. It is quite important to avoid such numbers. For example, your single birth digit is 6; you must not choose a vehicle number that adds up to the digits 1 or 9. These numbers can bring out dangers.

In numerology, there are certain numbers that have a very close connection with a mishap and weird things. The most notoriously known numbers which have these effects are 9, 8, and 4. Better, try to avoid such numbers as much as you can.

Numerology for vehicle number

The numerical values for alphabets are:

AIJQY = 1, CGLS = 3, BKR = 2, EHNX = 5, DMT = 4, UVW = 6, FP = 8, OZ = 7

The best method to calculate your vehicle number:

For Example,

Your birth number is 3

Your Vehicle number is DL 07 XB 7322

Apply the numerical values for alphabets:

  • DL=43 and XB=52
  • (0+7) + (7+3+2+2)
  • (4+3) + (5+2) + (0+7) + (7+3+2+2)
  • 7+7+7+14= 35=8
  • Take the basic rule of the total numbers (7+3+2+2)=14=5
  • The birth number is 3 and the vehicle number is 5

Here the number 3 is not harmonious to 5 so better avoid such a vehicle number.

How to Choose Lucky Car Number as Your Best Vehicle Number?

Besides considering and calculating single-digit numbers, please do follow the below steps mainly to get lucky car number:

Primarily check the friendly numbers before adding the numbers. Say for example in bike number 4883, the numbers 4 and 8 are opponents. They should not be side by side and these are like water and fire. Do not try 4 with 8 as it might cause possible dangers.

Secondly, choose a bike in terms of compound number. If it is a lucky one then reduce it to a single-digit number. For example, the bike number is 2374 and the total is 16. This 16 is called a compound number which is not lucky. If you even reduce 16 to a single-digit number, it is 7. Do you think it is lucky? No. Your compound number should be a lucky one, and then only you have to move on to the single-digit number.

Thirdly, remember, 9 is the best lucky number for anybody. This universal number is almost friendly with any number and you can also consider 5 as your lucky number for a car or bike.

So, from the above points, you might have come to a conclusion on deciding your lucky vehicle number. Choose the best and lucky number and have a safe and happy ride.


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