What Type of Pictures Put in Puja Ghar & House? – Vastu Shastra

We put pictures in the home for beauty, memory and worship. These pictures may be colorful, normal, big or small. Special waves come out from pictures. Therefore, it directly impacts on our mind. They make good or bad impact on mind. Pictures affect mind, nature, planet and our luck.

wall picturesWorship: Put god-goddess and master picture at worship place. This picture should be clean and clear. Put this picture at worship place or work place. Always, put pictures straight of your eyes. Do not put too many pictures for worship at worship place. Change the picture if its color or image becomes light.

House: Put marriage image in your bedroom. You can also keep joint image of husband-wife. Put parents or siblings image in north side. Put dead person image on south side. Put family picture in the dining area of the home.

Put flower and water picture in drawing room and near main gate to increase love. Put sitting Lakshmi image at worship place for financial prosperity. Put lotus or cow image in bedroom to get child. Put rising sun image in office for good health. Put lord Shiva and Krishna image at worship place to get rid of every problem.

Always put colorful and beautiful picture. Do not keep wild animal, fire and throne picture. Keep picture clean. Do not let the dust accumulate on it. Do not keep husband-wife and children picture at worship place. Do not keep god-goddess image in bedroom and too many pictures in the home. This creates confusion in relations.

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