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The best yoga positions to stimulate libido

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Those who practice yoga know how many benefits this discipline can bring to the body. The postures, massages and breathing exercises of this ancient practice release muscle tension and increase sexual desire. Research suggests that practicing yoga on a daily or regular basis can help men improve sexual health. So here’s how to treat erectile dysfunction to be more successful in sexual performance. Meaning of erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction or ED occurs when a man cannot get or maintain an erection. The causes can be different: they range from reduced blood flow to drugs, up to psychological and emotional factors. While some causes of erectile dysfunction may need medical attention (Viagra or Kamagra ), alternative medicine techniques are being considered to reduce ED, an example of which is yoga. 5 yoga poses to cure erectile dysfunction To date, there is no study on specific yoga positions and their benefits in reducing erectile dysfunction. However, some researchers from the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences have made some observations on the body, stress, relief, and sexual function. Here are the 5 recommended positions to cure erectile dysfunction and to increase sexual desire: Matsyendrasana (half Matsyendra): This pose is intended to […]