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How to make a yoga garden

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How to make a yoga garden Find your zen in your own backyard by creating your own yoga garden. The ancient practice of yoga is a wonderful way to build strength and flexibility and feel connected to your body and the world around you. So what could be better than your own yoga garden, a calm, tranquil space where you can be in touch with nature while you practice yoga or meditate? Here are a few tips on how to create your own yoga garden. Create a yoga garden The most important thing to consider when siting your yoga garden is to make sure that there is a flat, level area where you can put down a mat and practice your yoga safely. The surface can be a paved or gravel area, wooden decking, or simply a flat lawn. However, remember that paving stones have absolutely no ‘give’ if you fall over onto them, even on a yoga mat, so a lawn or wooden decking may be a better choice. If possible, site your yoga garden where you can benefit from the dappled shade under a tree. A pergola or arbour covered in beautiful climbing plants also makes a sheltered […]