How to Make Jupiter Strong? –

Jupiter is considered the factor of master and counsel. Jupiter controls yellow color, gold, finance, fund, law, religion, knowledge, psalm, Brahman and rituals. Jupiter determines digestive system, obesity, and age. Jupiter is the lord of sky; therefore; its impact is extensive and massive. Jupiter decides the responsibility of marriage in women life.

jupiterA person has weak rituals if Jupiter is debilitated. They face a problem in education and wealth. A person does not get support from elders. They have weak digestion. Jupiter also gives cancer and liver problem. People face children problem due to weak Jupiter. Sometimes, they do not get a child. It will be challenging to get married if Jupiter relates to marriage house.

The bad effect of Shani can be solved. Getting resolution from bad effect of Jupiter is tough. Take a bath and wear yellow color clothes on Thursday morning. Sit in front of Lord Jupiter image or banana plant. Light incense stick and lamp. Offer chana daal and jaggery. Then chant Jupiter’s psalm. Chant psalm with turmeric or Rudraksha garland. Eat yellow stuff on Thursdays.

Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspatye Namah” in average conditions to get benefits from Jupiter. Chant this psalm in the morning. Chant “Om Gram Greem Groom Sah Gurave Namah” to get rid of health problem, which occurs due to Jupiter. Chant this psalm in morning-evening. Chant “Om Devpujitay Namah” to get rituals from Jupiter. Chant this psalm in the morning. Chant “Om Aangirasaay Vidhmahe Divydehay Dhimahi Tanno Jeev Prachodayat” to avoid child-related problems from Jupiter. Chant this psalm in the morning.

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