How Silver Benefits To You As Per Astrology? – AskMonk

Silver is beneficial in many ways. Silver increases fortune. It is helpful to wear silver. Keep water in a silver glass for six hours. Drinking this water gives an excellent benefit. The use of silver makes the mind sharp. Children who easily afraid and anger, they should drink water in silver glass. Daily give water in the silver glass to children. Silver cleans the blood, skin, and mind.

silverThe silver ring is also beneficial. It is also helpful to wear a silver ring in legs. Silver gives relief from property related problem. In this case, you should drink milk and water in silver glass. Do not leave milk in silver glass. You should drink it within 2-3 minutes. You will make progress.

Silver is also beneficial to avoid conflict between spouse. Keep silver or silver mixing pain near the head of the bed in your bedroom. Silver will also help in avoiding internal conflict. Keep milk, silver, and flower in one dona or banyan leaf and light lamp. You should make from flour. Flow it in water. Remember your favored god before flowing Deepak. Do this remedy for 43 days. If you cannot do this remedy for 43 days, then you can do it on Saturday.

If you get irritability, then you should wear a silver ring, which is open from the middle. Wear this ring in thumb. A woman who gets stomachache they should wear a silver ring in leg thumb and next finger of thumb. The deserted people will get the benefit. One can wear a silver ring in thumb if you suddenly have constipation.

If there is any problem relating to fortune, then you can wear silver bangle, bracelet or chhala. Wear chhala in the little finger. Wear this silver on Monday. The use of silver improves the mind. Silver gives relief from anger.

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