Get Blessings of Saturn on Shani Amavasya

New moon day is special impact day. There is particular importance of bath, donation, and worship. If this modern moon day comes on Saturday, then it is more beneficial. We can get the mercy of Shani by doing some remedy on Shani Amavasya. We can quickly get rid of employment and business problem.

shani amavasyaIf you frequently get an accident, then you can wear an iron ring in the left hand’s middle finger on the evening of Shani Amavasya. See your face on mustard oil and donate it.

If you are facing problem in employment or business, then light nine mustard oil lamps under peeple tree on Shani Amavasya. Then take nine circles of peeple tree and worship to avoid the problem in employment.

If you are facing the problem of conflict or litigation, then take 10th part black sesame or black urad of your weight. Donate this black sesame and black urad. Do not eat sweet food on this day.

If you are facing wealth and property problem, then keep coins in black cloth on Shani Amavasya. Donate these coins — chant “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shanaischaraya Namah” for three garlands.

If you are suffering from health problem, then keep black clothes, mustard oil and some coins in black garments on Shani Amavasya. Take nine circles from your head. Donate this to any poor people.

If Sade Sati or Dhaya is going on then chant “Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah” for eleven garlands on the evening of Shani Amavasya. Give food to any poor people. Do not include sweet food in it.

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