Astrology Remedies to Sell Property Quickly

There are two meanings of property, land, and house. Mars is mainly responsible for the area. Mars also plays an essential role in construction. However, Venus is most important for the house. In the horoscope, fourth house and its owner is essential for the property. The seventh house also plays a role in property. Mars, Venus, fourth and seventh house denotes the condition of the property.

sell propertyIn the horoscope, Mars is strong, Mars has a relation with the fourth house or its owner; then there is Yoga of land. In the horoscope, if fire element is strong or radix is 01, 04, 08 or 09, then the Yoga of land occurs.

In the horoscope, if the condition of Venus and Mars is good or Venus relates with the fourth house, then the property yoga occurs. If there is a relation of Venus and Moon or earth element is strong in horoscope or the radix is 02, 04 or 06 then there is Yoga of property.

One should do some remedy to strengthen Mars. Do this remedy for three months. Sit on a red color mat and chant Mars’s tantrik psalm. The psalm would be “Om Kram Kreem Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah.” Feed jaggery to cow on Tuesday. You will quickly get success in your work. You will also get benefit from the land.

To get benefit from the property, one should chant shri suktam in morning-evening daily. Donate white sweets at a religious place on Fridays. Wear crystal garland. Wear a silver ring in the right hand’s thumb. Wear this ring on Friday.

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