Saturn In 7th House – Good Or Bad?

Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar system, which takes around two and half years to change the zodiac sign. It is also famous due to “Dhaiya” and “Sade Sati”, and its name is enough to create a chill inside the spine of people. Whereas there are some planets like the moon which take only two and half days to shift from one sign to another. Saturn is the epitome of just and fair judgments, that’s why it takes a longer period to analyze the person’s past or present actions and provide results accordingly. Due to such attributes of Saturn, people become fearful of the presence of Saturn in 7th house – their marriage house. Undoubtedly, Saturn is known for delaying things but it doesn’t mean he will give similar results to everyone irrespective of the sign or degree.

What Does Saturn Stand For?

Saturn is associated with misfortune, misery, expenditure, delays, lethargy, maturity, longevity, occult, tantra, unexpected results, quarrels, darkness, disease, hell, liquor, death, stomach, liver, eunuch, low-level employee, sapphire, blue or black color, dangerous, oil, disrespect, fear.

What does the 7th house hold?

7th house is representative of husband or wife, marriage, the behavior of a partner, private parts, business partnership, lovemaking, side business, the courage of children, legal battles, arguments, delays or early marriage, nephew, prosperity.

The 7th house is directly opposite to the ascendant house that reflects the native’s personality, features, and mindset. The 7th house, on the other hand, is the house of the spouse, so it will define the opposite gender’s characteristics, nature, habits, and so on.

Impact Of Saturn in 7th House

According to ancient scriptures, Saturn is blessed with three aspects from its sign of placement. However, the sight of Saturn is not considered favorable unlike benefic planets such as Jupiter, moon, Venus, and mercury. Because Saturn is symbolic of darkness, limitations, insecurities, and inferiority, that’s why wherever its rays reach will bring some kind of negativity. Specifically, the third aspect of Saturn is lethal and destructive, being a sly glance. The aspects depict the mutual relationship of one planet with another. Moreover, Saturn placed in the 7th house will aspect 9th, 1st, and 4th house.

Saturn In The 7th House In Various Signs:-


Saturn In The Sign Of Aries

Here, Saturn is placed in the sign of his enemy, Mars who is symbolic of energy, passion, activity while Saturn is slow-moving, lethargic, and insecure. Due to the identity crisis in Aries, Saturn is debilitated in this house. Therefore, it is understandable that he is unable to produce favorable outcomes. Such native suffers delays or obstacles in getting married, even after marriage there can be lack of cooperativeness between the couple. However, such people can be indulged in religious acts, share close relationships with their mother, and with their hard work buy good houses and vehicles. Natives with the placement of Saturn in the 7th house have a healthy body and tall height.

Saturn In 7th house in Taurus

Taurus is the sign of materialistic pleasures incorporating wealth, food, assets, as lord of Taurus, Venus is the ultimate representative of love, romance, relationships, wisdom, happiness, luxury, and comforts. Saturn present in the friendly sign of Venus will result in benefits from the union out of the marriage, business partnerships. Although aspect on the 1st house could bring some health-related troubles in the Saturn antardasha or mahadasha periods.

Saturn In the 7th house in Sign Of Gemini

Saturn and mercury share a cordial relationship, so the presence of Saturn in the sign is a good placement. Gemini represents an extrovert, jovial and talkative personality, thereby spouse could belong to marketing, sales representative, singing, or journalism.

Saturn In 7th house in Sign Of Cancer

Cancer is the watery planet, ruled by the moon and Saturn treats the moon as his enemy. So, it can’t be regarded as the best placement from the marriage perspective. Because the native might be matured or have a structured outlook towards life. While the spouse can have a child-like personality, emotional, caring nature, it can create a conflicting relationship due to differences in behaviors.

Saturn In 7th house in the Sign Of Leo

Saturn has a strained connection with his father, king of planets, Sun. That’s why Saturn placed in the sign of the sun can never be considered suitable. There can be a delay in getting married. People can suffer from heart issues, tensions, and troubles due to their spouses. Native can be wealthy, affluent, and wise.

Saturn In The 7th house in Sign Of Virgo

Virgo is an earthy sign and it goes well with an airy planet like Saturn. Furthermore, Virgo is a calculative and logical sign as compared to another sign, Gemini owned by mercury. So, the marriage relationship will be more based on reasoning and cooperation as compared to mere physical affection. The native will have good property, vehicles, and wealth, but has to struggle in achieving success.

Saturn In 7th house in Sign Of Libra

Saturn will be exalted in the house of venus because this house and sign represent equilibrium balance in actions. It coincides perfectly with the attributes of Saturn, who is the God of justice. Saturn will bless the native with immense wealth in their lives, similar to that of the king. After marriage, their luck improves in terms of money and assets. Although, there might be some health-related issues to the native.

Saturn In 7th house in Scorpio

It is a watery sign and the lord of the sign is Mars, eighth in the chart of Kaal Purush, represented by an image of Scorpio. Furthermore, sexual interests, hidden secrets, private parts are judged through the eighth house. The placement of Saturn in the enemy sign could bring dissatisfaction in the marital life, a person may suffer diseases related to genitals and have an inferiority complex.

Saturn In The 7th house Of Saggitarius

Here, the ascendant lord is mercury and Saturn holds ownership of one mool trikon and one dushthana. Therefore, outcomes will be almost favorable for the person. Sagittarius is a fiery sign owned by male Jupiter, thereby nullifying the eunuch nature of Saturn. Additionally, bringing prosperity in marriage, success in business contracts, longevity, sharpness in speech.

Saturn In The 7th house Of Capricorn

This sign is the representation of name, fame, hard work, position and ownership lie with Saturn, there are high chances that spouse of such person can belong to higher post in their occupations, holds power, assets. The native will also enjoy the richness, prosperity, success especially in partnerships, however, they might not be mentally and physically very strong.

Saturn In 7th house in Aquarius

Although this sign is owned by Saturn himself, still not a desirable placement. Because Saturn’s aspect is debilitated in the 9th house, such a person lacks interest in spirituality and suffers from hindrances in the path of success. There might be gains through marriage but there might be discord or disagreements too.

Saturn In 7th house in Sign Of Pisces

Saturn has a neutral relationship with Jupiter, and Saturn in the 7th house for Virgo rising would produce good results. The spouse can be involved in teaching, artistry and have religious beliefs. Overall, Saturn will give favorable outcomes.

Above mentioned yogas are briefings and there are many things that can be properly predicted after examining the whole birth chart. As degrees, conjunctions, aspects, nakshatra also plays a vital role for any planet to act. It can be concluded that Saturn in 7th house is very beneficial for some natives by fostering growth in the partnership business and balance in marriage but romanticism can’t be expected from Saturn while problematic for some in terms of delays, separation in marriage.

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