How to Eliminate Pitra Dosh Effect?

Pitra dosha is a set of misfortunes that is caused by the curses of our departed ancestors. This is a debt we owe to our ancestors, and it produces lots of crises and struggles in our life. 

If you are suffering from the problems that are hard to explain and when there is no reason behind them, pitra dosha can be the reason. Pitra dosha is the actual answer to your question “why only I am suffering from this?” Despite all the efforts you put in, it becomes too difficult to get rid of the problems. 

Pitra DoshIn this article, we will discuss the most common pitra dosha and their probable solutions. However, it is very hard to get rid of these doshas, but some remedies may produce the desired results.

There are remedies that will help you deal with problems like “not having the child (santaan dosh),” “no success in business,” “men having problems with women (stree dosh), etc.   

The pitra dosha is always reflected in the birth-chart, and this way, it becomes easier to identify it. Take a look at the list of remedies to live a better life. 

Remedies of Pitra dosha

In order to get rid of pitra dosha, one should make his Jupiter strong. These steps should be followed: 

  • Get up early in the morning, take some water in the copper vessel and offer it to the Lord Sun. Fill the vessel again and offer this water to the South direction. It is said that the South direction refers to your ancestors. 
  • One should ask for forgiveness to his ancestors for his mistakes and bad habits. Asking forgiveness for every single mistake can improve your Jupiter. 
  • One should take part in temple cleaning without any intention of taking gain from it. Instead of becoming a part of some committee or organization, do it individually)
  •  Plant the peepal tree and donate rice on the day of Ekadashi.
  • Ask forgiveness from your ancestors by falling in the feel of Lord Shiva or Maa Durga on the day of Trayodashi. 
  • Make a resolution of stop eating meat on the day of Ekadashi or Amavasya and stick to it. Eating meat is a bad habit, and it should be immediately stopped. 
  • On the day of Amavasya, one should offer food and respect to a saint or sadhu. 
  • Any fast (vrat) or anushthaan that can be beneficial to poor kids can also help you to get rid of your dosha.
  • A fast offered to live beings and caring for them can also bless you. Teach your kids not to hurt any living being. If your child does this or has ever done this, teach them to say sorry and never repeat this. 
  • People who are facing problems in getting married should remember their ancestors on dusdashi. They should offer sweet chapattis and besan sweets to them and pray. This remedy helps in mangal-dosh as well. 
  • The family who prays together is known to lead a blissful life.  

Pitra Visarjan Amavasya

Following steps should be observed on the occasion of ‘pitra visarjan Amavasya’: 

Make your place pure and invite God. Invite your ancestors as well. All the members of the family sit together around the ‘havan kund’ and do the Gayatri path. Each member of the family should keep a coconut and 1 rupee coin in his hand. 

The head of the family should keep the root of the turmeric in his hands with 108 seeds. This bead will help him to count while chanting Gayatri mantra. The rest of the members should keep these seeds in their left and use the right hand to offer these seeds to the pavitra agni one by one. You can have the samvidha of a mango tree or palash tree, sesame seeds or flowers to offer ahuti. 

The money and turmeric should be donated to a temple and the coconut should be thrown in the water. All the family members should be included in the process, and their cooperation is a must. Children should also be a part of this. 

Follow these steps in your home as well.

  • Keep your home clean and create a happy environment in it.
  • Respect your elders and women of the family to damp the effect of pitru dosha. 
  • Do light and evening candle in your home daily.
  • Offer money, food, water, snacks, and clothes to the saints. Listen to their words of wisdom and try to follow it.
  • Shraddh should be done in a proper manner.

If you are facing some problems with your kids, follow these remedies:

  • Take a vow to feed at least 100 cows in a year.
  • Take the responsibility of an orphan child and fulfil it with all your dedication. Long-distance adoption is also accepted.
  • If you have cheated any person in your life either intentionally or non-intentionally, help him out. 
  • Make a routine of visiting the temple daily. Feed birds, cows, donate to a broken temple anonymously and be honest to everyone around you.

People who are not able to conceive, provided both husband and wife are fine should do the following remedies:

  • If you have killed someone in the past, you may face this issue. Repent for your bad deeds.
  • If you are a person who tortures animals and love to show your strength on them, you are more likely to go through this stage in your life. Be kind to the animals.
  • Never behave badly with pregnant women.
  • Your bad behavior with your elders and saints can also put you in this trouble. Feel sorry to everyone you have misbehaved with and change your nature and attitude towards these people. 
  • If you have destroyed trees in the past, it will cause problems in conceiving — plant at least five trees for every single tree you have destroyed or uprooted. There are specific mantras that will help you out in such times. 

Make sure to follow all the steps and remedies to get rid of the problems you are facing. Above all, bring a significant change in your life and habits to lead a happy and peaceful life.  

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