How Does Rahu in 7th House act? – Is He Desirable Or Dangerous?

In western astrology, Rahu is known as the dragon’s head, and Ketu is known as the dragon’s tail. They are shadow planets that do not exist in the physical world. Still, Rahu and Ketu are villains in people’s lives, despite their ability to propel a person to new heights of success. However, their basic nature is malevolent; they are cruel planets. Rahu is situated at the point where the moon crosses the path of the Earth. Ketu is located nearly 180 degrees from that point. People who have Rahu in 7th house get worried after discovering this placement in their charts, especially about marriage. As even a layman knows that 7th house represents marriage. So, the questions related to marriage are pretty obvious like How will Rahu behave in the 7th HOUSE? Is Rahu in the 7th house bad for marriage?

According to the Vedic texts, several thousands of years ago, Demons and Gods agreed to collaborate in order to obtain nectar from the ocean. When nectar was received after a long period of hard work, the question of how to distribute it equally arises. But Lord Vishnu knew that if demons became immortal, it would be the end of all creatures. Taking this into account, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a beautiful lady named Mohini and took charge of the distribution of nectar among all.

He played a trick by having Gods and Demons sit in separate lines, and he continued to give nectar to the Gods while liquor to the others. However, a demon named “Svarbhanu” noticed and comprehended the entire situation. He infiltrated and sat silently in God’s queue. Lord Vishnu also gave him nectar, but the sun and moon recognized him as a demon. It was too late to save him because he had become immortal. Lord Vishnu used his chakra to cut off his head, but the deathless Demons became too; Rahu and Ketu. And became an eternal enemy of Sun and Moon.

What does the 7th house hold?

7th house is representative of husband or wife, marriage, the behavior of a partner, private parts, business partnership, lovemaking, side business, the courage of children, legal battles, arguments, delays or early marriage, nephew, prosperity.

The 7th house is directly opposite to the ascendant house that reflects the native’s personality, features, and mindset. The 7th house, on the other hand, is the house of the spouse, so it will define the opposite gender’s characteristics, nature, habits, and so on.

What Does Rahu Represent?

Rahu is symbolic of uncertain events, unnatural powers, cemetery, smuggling, widow, skin disease, foreign travels, foreign language, grandfather, wars, darkness, snakes, reptiles, poison, electronic devices, scientific research, municipal corporation, blanket, horse, black flowers, rumors, smoke, fog, fever, railways, disease, obstacles, quarrels, cunningness.

Presence of Rahu in 7th house in various signs:-


Rahu In The 7th house in Sign Of Aries

Rahu in the Zodiac of Aries; the sign owned by Mars. Such a person is born under the rising sign of Tauras. Rahu’s placement in the enemy sign, aspected by Ketu, is not suitable. Such natives’ spouses can be aggressive, impulsive, and troublesome. There is a possibility of love marriage, as well as early marriage. However, it is preferable to avoid marriage before the age of 21.

Rahu in the 7th house in Tauras Sign

The native’s ascendant is Scorpio, which is the eighth sign in the Kaal purush chart. Rahu is in the first house, while Ketu is in the seventh. Rahu’s placement in the zodiac aspects the 11th, 1st, and 3rd houses. The native will enjoy life’s luxuries and amass wealth through public dealings, partnerships, and the cosmetics business. Unless a sign is aspected by a benefic planet, he may engage in extramarital affairs or be cheated by his spouse.

Rahu In 7th house in Sign Of Gemini

Gemini is the zodiac sign in which Rahu is exalted and feels at home. It gets along well with Mercury, the sign lord. Such a person may hold the highest position at occupation or have a powerful personality. The spouse may be wise and cunning, but he or she is always supportive. Natives can also have two marriages.

Rahu In The 7th house in Sign Of Cancer

Cancer sign becomes poisonous if Rahu is placed in this watery sign. Because the 7th house represents marriage, partnerships, tension, and private parts, Rahu could be hostile toward all these elements. Getting married may be difficult in this enemy sign of the moon. There may be negative consequences associated with it such as occupational losses, unfaithful partner and relationships with brothers may also be troublesome.

Rahu in the 7th house in zodiac sign of Leo

Rahu eclipses powerful planets such as the sun, so Rahu’s presence in his sign is foreboding. They are having marital problems. Despite the fact that they are confronted with difficulties, such a person maintains their courage. They face difficulties in business or at work as well, and success necessitates hard work.

Rahu In The 7th house Sign Of Virgo

7th house is the part of Kendra, and Rahu shares a friendly connection with mercury, thereby his placement in the sign of Virgo is similar to exaltation. These natives are quite calculative in their judgments, selfish to some extent. As long as their partner is cooperative with them, it’s a suitable position for Rahu.

Rahu In The 7th house in Sign Of Libra

Libra is an airy sign owned by Venus representing the balance between one’s own personality and the partner. Such people are pretty romantic in nature and experts in sweet talks. Moreover, Venus is the teacher of demons and Rahu respects him, and provides beneficial results in marriage and business. Spouse can belong to a foreign country or different caste. On the contrary, the presence of Ketu in the sign of Aries can bring mental illness.

Rahu In 7th house in Scorpio

Scorpions with Rahu in the 7th house are secretive about their relationships; they do not disclose their relationships or business deals. These natives’ spouses can be quite passionate, possessive, and emotional. Unless Mars is in a good position in the chart, there is a chance of some problems.

Rahu in 7th house in Saggitarius

Rahu in Saggitarius becomes weakened in this position and produces negative results. Marriage becomes a burden when opinions diverge, especially during the Rahu antardasha or mahadasha periods. However, Ketu’s aspect is exalted, which is a positive point. If Jupiter aspects the 7th house, this can be a compelling reason to save the marriage in such a chart.

Rahu In The 7th house of Sign Of Capricorn

There can be delays in the marriage of the native. Although it is a friendly sign of Saturn who is not supportive of relationships and the spouse of the native can be quarrelsome. Rahu impacting 1st house can lead to mental or physical problems for the native.

Rahu In The 7th house in Sign Of Aquarius

There can be mixed results due to this position of Rahu. A spouse can be an expert in mathematics, science, or engineering. Native can be having hair loss issues, lack of strength, and headaches. Marital happiness will be average.

Rahu In 7th house in Sign Of Pisces

Rahu doesn’t feel comfortable in the sign of Jupiter due to varying ideologies. Hence, there can be disagreements in the couple and some marital issues can arise. Moreover, the natives can be manipulative in their dealings and use tricks to get their work done.

Based on the information presented above, it is possible to conclude that Rahu does not fit well in the 7th house. He has an evil attitude, and his shrewdness rises in the sign of its enemy. Furthermore, he cannot be labeled as brilliant placement if he is in the sign of Saturn, Mercury, or Venus also. As a result, Rahu produces mixed results unless the native has strongly favorable yogas in the chart, in which case it can be supportive of marriage.

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