Pitra Dosh & It’s Remedies

Pitra dosh is a very frightening affliction in an individual’s horoscope because of its extremely negative consequences. People suffer a variety of setbacks in their lives as a result of this dosh; they face obstacles in their path to success, suffer from accidents, diseases, or illnesses, and witness unnatural deaths.

Hence, remedies must be carried out in order to overcome its adversities. Pitra dosh is primarily checked from the ninth house because it is known as the home of forefathers, and the sun is also the significant factor responsible for determining whether or not the chart carries any Pitra dosh. As a result, the presence of planets in this house and the placement of the sun are specifically examined in the horoscope. However, the placement of other planets is vital in the horoscope to know the type, degree of pitra dosh.


What Is Pitra Dosh?

Some believe that Pitra dosh is the result of the ancestor’s curse because they are dissatisfied with the actions of the current generation. But this is not the case; pitra dosh is the result of bad deeds or sins committed by the family’s forefathers. Although they have died, their karmic debts remain on this planet and must be paid by future generations. According to Hindu scriptures, Sage Kapil was attacked by King Sagar’s sons, but they couldn’t stand the rage and power of Sage Kapil’s burning eyes and eventually died. However, it resulted in karmic debt for future generations as a result of the princes’ sinful actions.

In the following decades, the kingdom faced a variety of setbacks and difficulties. As a result, King Anshuman, the grandson of King Sagar, paid a visit to Sage Kapil and begged him to forgive him and his family in order to free them from the pitra dosh. Sage Kapil told the king that they would have to put up with this until the entire karmic debt was paid off. Furthermore, they should worship Goddess Ganga to appease her to reincarnate on this earth. So that they can immerse the ashes of the deceased princes in the holy river to clear the ancestral debt. Consequently, due to persistent worship by the kings, Lord Brahma blessed King Bhagirath that their ancestral debt will be cleared after the advent of Goddess Ganga on the earth, where they could immerse the ashes of their ancestors.


Types Of Pitra Dosh Are Mentioned Below:-



Pitra Dosh Due To Sun

In the horoscope, the Sun is one’s father or is symbolic of fatherly figures such as fathers, forefathers, or ancestors. As a result, the Sun’s affliction is conclusive proof that the family is afflicted with pitra dosh. It might be placed negatively in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, or it might be placed in any house with natural malefic. Furthermore, the 9th house represents the house of ancestors. If the sun, the 9th lord, is in Kendra, trikon, or negative houses and is heavily aspected by malefic, it is Pitra dosh.

The reason for this defect in the horoscope can be the ancestors didn’t respect their elders, treated them badly or they didn’t perform the last rituals of their forefathers. That’s why the chart of present generations shows weak or afflicted Sun.

Pitra Dosh Due To Moon

Moon is symbolic of mind, mother, impregnation, milk, water, or nursing. When the moon is situated in the 9th house in conjunction with the Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn, it is called matra rin or the debt of mother. Or the moon is in conjunction with the 9th lord and who is ultimately malefic.

This affliction in the Kundli can arise if the forefathers of the native tortured, harmed, or mistreated mother or grandmother. If ancestors had polluted the water bodies or wasted water, it is also significant of the negative moon in the chart.

Pitra Dosh Due To Mars

Mars is the representative of brothers, strength, power, hard work, war, and fire. In case, the ancestors had betrayed, killed, or harmed their brothers or had misused their higher position to bother the general public or family, Mars becomes afflicted in the chart of next generations. Mars might be placed with the Sun in the 8th or 12th house, or in conjunction with the natural malefic planets in the 9th house.

Pitra Dosh Due To Mercury

When the ancestors of the native treated their aunts, sisters, niece badly or didn’t care about their concerns, mercury gets afflicted either through conjunction with the Sun in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. Or if mercury being the lord of the 9th house is placed or aspected by cruel planets.

Pitra Dosh Due To Jupiter

Jupiter is himself a sage and brahmin; being the son of Rishi Angiras and symbolizes wisdom, spirituality, teachers, fortune and, philanthropy. Whenever Jupiter is distressed in the chart being the lord of the 9th house or placed unfavorably in the 9th house, then it indicates the forefathers of the native were disrespectful of their teachers, brahmins or purohits, similar to the sons of King Sagar who tried to harm Sage Kapil which cursed the family for center till Goddess Ganga arrived on earth. Thereby, it is a very serious Pitra dosh in the chart.

Moving ahead, Jupiter also signifies husband too in the chart. Therefore, if the ladies in the previous generations abused, harmed, insulted their husbands, it also creates Pitra rin in the chart.

Pitra Dosh Due To Venus

It is well known that Venus is symbolic of love, lover, wife, sexual pleasures, comforts, etc. As a result, if in the past, any man of the family cheated, maltreated, or left his wife or lover, then it creates the affliction of Venus in the chart of present generations. Therefore, Venus can be the cause of broken marriage, late marriage, or unsuccessful love affairs owing to the curse of ladies. 

Pitra Dosh Due To Saturn

Saturn is a natural malefic planet that is the personification of lower-class workers, servants, constitution workers, cleaners, judges, lawyers, the iron industry, etc. The Saturn in conjunction with Sun or placed in the 9th house with the Rahu or Ketu or mars illustrates an unfortunate placement for the Saturn. The forefathers might did wrong to servants or didn’t pay for their services, or misused their authority and gave false judgments in the court, which becomes the reason for destructive Saturn.

Pitra Dosh Due To Rahu or Ketu

Both are malefic planets, Rahu is the interpretation of thefts, crimes, murders, and Ketu signify dogs, currents, surgeries, crows, etc. Rahu in 9th house or with Sun means the forefathers had committed crimes or murders, while inauspicious Ketu means people used to harm dogs or other animals, committed wrong surgeries for money.


Remedies For Solving    Pitra Dosh:-


  • SUN:- All family members have to contribute in order to perform a Yagya on Sunday.
  • MOON:- The whole family has to touch raw silver nearly 10 gms and immerse in the river on Monday.
  • MARS:- On Tuesday, distribute some medicines in gaushala or to some needy people.
  • MERCURY:- Do Kanya pujan of 9 girls on Wednesday.
  • JUPITER:- Invite 5  brahmins or purohit for serving them with eatables, clothes, and money during the day on Thursday.
  • VENUS:- Serve a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 cows on Friday.
  • SATURN:- Serve labor or servants on Saturday by giving some eatables or clothes.
  • RAHU:- The whole family must immerse raw coconut in the river on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.
  • KETU:- Give anything like biscuits or milk to dogs on Sunday morning.

Furthermore, it can be concluded that Pitra dosh can be quite dangerous for the family and upcoming generations. Therefore, it is advisable to get your horoscope analyzed to know about such a defect in the horoscope and perform the necessary remedies to get this affliction removed as soon as possible.

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