Why It Is Important to Match Kundli before Marriage?

Reason for Kundli matching for marriage

In India, people have faith in Vedic astrology. The concept of Kundli matching for marriage originated from Vedic astrology and according to traditions, it is considered as the first milestone of match making. The foremost step of finalizing the marriage is an important ritual in our Hindu religion and it decides the fate of groom … Read more

What is Kuja dosha? – Effects of Kuja Dosha & Remedies

Effects of Kuja Dosha and Remedies

Among all planets, Kuja (Chovva / Mars) is considered as the chief. This planet represents incredible courage, vitality, confidence, hostility and combatant qualities. Kuja problem is mainly considered during marriage time. Kuja Dosha is considered as a bad yoga. What is Kuja dosha? When Kuja is placed in the ascendant side, 4th, 7th and 8th … Read more

Astrology & Vehicle’s Lucky Number

vehicle number numerology

Vehicle number numerology is being an essential facet while choosing numbers. Why we choose a lucky number? Because to prevent accidents and any kind of adverse events. The lucky vehicle number merely depends on the personality of the vehicle owner. If and only if the vehicle owner and the vehicle have fair compatibility everything will … Read more