Nadi Dosha Calculator – Remedies, Effects & Types

Nadi Dosha is seen as a serious imperfection that is prevalent enough to cause a myriad of problems in the married life of a couple. In Vedic Astrology, Nadi (Naadi) is seen as one of the Eight categories or Koota which are checked and analyzed in order to know whether a marital match is perfect or not.  Out of the 36 points that kootas carry in the process of kundli milaap, Nadi Koota alone carries 8 points, which is seen to be the maximum among any of the 8 Kootas that are present, emphasizing the great importance it plays in married life. 

Nadi Dosha is the most inauspicious defect in the process of Kundli Matching which can even lead to the creation of a next-generation that is comparatively weaker or create a situation wherein the couple cannot bear children at all. 

It is important to know about the specifics of Nadi Dosha and also its intensity which can be done with the help of the Nadi Dosha Calculator. We are going to delve a little deeper into Nadi Dosha in this article

Types of Nadi Dosha

Vedic Astrology suggests that there are a total of three Nadis or channels in our body. Each of these channels symbolizes a different element that inevitably affects our lives. These Nadi channels include 

Aadi Nadi Dosha

Aadi Nadi represents Air ot Vaata, which is symbolic of the manner in which energy flows from the bottom to the top. It can also be seen in the way energy flows from the feet to the head. The nature of this type of Dosha is dry and cold. The Moon placements that reflect Aadi Nadi Dosha include Ashwini, Andra, Punarvasu, Hasta, Moola, Jyestha, Shatabisha, Uttara Phalguni.

Madhya Nadi Dosha

This Nadi Dosha represents the fire element or the Pitta. It symbolises and represents the flow of energy happening in both directions. The flow takes place from the bottom to the top as well as from the top to the bottom. If the Moon placement is in the Bharani, Mrigashira, Chitra, Pushya, Poorvaphalguni, Dhanishta, Anuradha etc. then the person is said to have Madhya Nadi. 

Antya Nadi Dosha

This Nadi Dosha represents the element of water or Kapha. It also symbolises a particular flow of energy. In Aunty Nadi Dosha the energy flow happens in the top to bottom manner. The Moon placements of Krittika, Rohini, Ashlesha, Swati, Vishakha, Uttarshada, Shravana, Revati are reflective of Antya Nadi. 

Effects of Nadi Dosha 

The presence of Nadi Dosha varies across intensity, however it has a series of bad effects which are universal across natives of this Dosha. Most of these negative impacts can be seen on the married life of the couple. A commonality is necessary for a married couple to stay together and attain a balance in their life. This means mutual compatibility is necessary. If both the husband and wife have certain negative qualities then achieving this balance becomes difficult, leading to a difficult married life. The basic qualities of the Nadi Dosha are seen in the three different elements they govern. Astrologers suggest that when the spouses have the same Madi, it gives rise to a distance between the married couple, leading to a series of misunderstandings and conflicts. If husband and wife have different nadis, then it creates a sense of attraction between them reflecting a promising marriage alliance. Other consequences that can be seen in natives of Nadi Dosha include – 

  • A sense of decreasing attraction or love between the husband and wife in marriage. 
  • Increasing problems related to health to people in the family as well as either or both of the partners. 
  • Discord, conflict and misunderstanding being abundant in married life. 
  • Increase in the possibility of infertility and inability to bear children 
  • Giving birth to children that will suffer from physical or mental ailments. 

Nadi Dosha Calculator 

It is necessary to calculate the Nadi for two prospective partners before their marriage alliance is approved in order to ensure compatibility. According to Varahimira, different problematic situations arise if the Nadi Dosha is the same for both the husband and the wife. We have delved a little deeper into this –

  1. If both the husband and the wife have the Aadi Nadi Dosha which is governed by the Vaata (Wind or Kinetic Energy) then the union between them would end up in a long-term separation or even divorce. It is reflective of the complicated marriage that the couple would end up being a part of. 
  2. If both the husband and the wife have the Madhya Nadi, which is governed by Pitta (Fire or Thermal Energy) then it would result in a marriage that is fraught with frequent conflicts and turmoil. There also might be situations wherein such a couple would not be able to bear children or the wife will undergo frequent miscarriages. In some cases, it also leads to the death of one of the partners. 
  3. If both the husband and the wife have the Antya Nadi which is considered to be governed by Kapha (Water or Potential Energy) then it becomes the most dreaded situation as it consists of all three combinations. This would lead to a very miserable marriage life for the couple with the potential of experiencing widowhood, death of one or both the partners etc. 

Now that we know the weight that the different types of Nadi Dosha play in the life of the couple, it is obvious that you must calculate it at the time of Kundli Matching before approving of marriage alliances. 

You can easily calculate Nadi Dosha in order to better prepare yourself to face its consequences. It is easy and you just need the following information for it! 

  • Girl’s and Boy’s Birth Date – Year, Month, Time 
  • Girl’s and Boy’s Birth Time – Hour, Minute, Second 
  • Girl’s and Boy’s Birth Country 
  • Girl’s and Boy’s Birth Location 

You can try it out yourself! Just enter the details and your Dosha will be shown to you. 

Remedies of Nadi Dosha

Nadi Dosha is seen as an extremely negative thing in Vedic Astrology and has to be treated as such. It is important to know how to reduce the malefic effects of the Dosha. Astrologers have devised a number of ways through which we can easily nullify these negative effects – 

Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja 

This is one of the strongest ways of getting rid of the negative impact caused by Nadi Dosha. This Puja has to be administered with the help of an experienced priest or astrologer. It is important that the husband and wife perform this Puja together in order to nullify negative effects of the dosha. 

Taking part in Good Deeds

Dosha is seen as a punishment that occurs due to wrongful deeds done by someone in their past lives. In order to nullify the impact that it can have on their present, it is important to always engage in good deeds. Natives with dosha can indulge in donating gold, donating food and clothes, and helping the poor and needy. Other Nadi Dosha solutions include donating a cow to Brahman families and donating food equivalent to one’s weight on their birthdays. 

Marriage to Lord Vishnu  

In order to counter the negative effects of being born with Nadi Dosha, the bride can first arrange a marriage with Lord Vishnu. This is seen as a strong astrological remedy and is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. Marriage to Lord Vishnu after Kundli Matching and finding Nadi Dosha is seen as a strong astrological measure to remove the negative impact of Nadi Dosha to a great extent. 

Chanting Mantras 

Chanting mantras has since forever been an important part of the Hindu traditions to ward off negative forces. The same method can be put to use to deal with malefic effects of Nadi Dosha. Chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is especially effective in Nadi Dosha Nivaran after marriage. This is a powerful mantra and reciting this for a prescribed number of times in a day can help deal with the negative impact of the Dosha on marriage. 

Using Remedial Gemstones 

Remedial gemstones have a long history of having a positive impact on people’s lives. You can employ them in order to nullify the impact of Nadi Dosha. It would be advisable to contact a professional astrologer and priest and know about the availability of different gemstones that can help counter this problem. Remember to select gemstones only after consulting an astrologer.  

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Exceptions or Nullification of Nadi Dosha 

There are certain situations in which you can experience exceptions in the Nadi Dosha through some Yogas. They are able to nullify the negative impact of horoscope matching for the couple. This can be done if any of the following conditions are met while matching natal charts – 

  1. The malefic effect of the Nadi Dosha is reduced/nullified if Venus happens to be present in a strong position in their birth chart.
  2. Similarly, if the boy and the girl happen to be born in the same Nakshatra, but have different Charana Pada of the Nakshatra, then too the negative impact of Nagi Dosha will be reduced. 
  3. If the boy and the girl have the same Moon Sign but their Nakshatras happen to be different, it creates a situation that reduces or nullifies the negative impact of the Nadi Dosha.
  4. If both the boy and the girl happen to have the same ascendant position and the ascendant lord is positioned in a good place, then the negative effects of the Nadi Dosha are nullified. 
  5. When the Lords present in Houses 5 and 7, that are Venus and Jupiter respectively, are in a good position, then the malefic impact of Nadi Dosha gets reduced or nullified. 

You must now have better knowledge about the Nadi Dosha and Nadi Dosha Calculator in determining different facets that it affects. Use our Nadi Dosha Calculator to get instant results. We believe that the importance of the Nadi Dosha should be made known to one and all, so let your near ones know! 

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