Moon Sign Calculator – What is a Moon Sign and How do you calculate it?

Astrology deems the placements of planets to be extremely necessary to determine how a person’s life will pan out. The Moon Sign of an individual comes about due to the placement of the moon during the time of birth. Your horoscopes represent your sun sign but your essence is made known with the help of your Moon Sign. This can also very easily be calculated with the help of the Moon Sign Calculator. This calendar will help you in determining which zodiac sign came to be placed during the time of an individual’s birth.

Very few people know about the Moon Sign and the way to calculate it. They forget that the sun and moon exist in tandem and both are equally important in people’s lives. In this article, we are going to delve deeper into Moon Signs and how even you can calculate your Moon Sign with the help of the Moon Sign Calculator.

Different Signs in Astrology

There are many different signs in astrology but among them, people rarely know about the Moon Sign. Let’s delve a little further in this –

Sun Sign

These are the most commonly known signs and relate to the 12 signs of the zodiac. The sun sign changes the date the sun changes its course from one sign to the next in a year. These are the horoscopes that you see in your daily newspaper. 

Rising Sign or Ascendant

This sign changes throughout any given day! You need your birth certificate and time handy to chalk it out. It refers to the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

Moon Sign

The Moon is the sign of your emotion and intuition. It is important to note how it appears in your natal chart in order to see how you relate to others on an emotional scale. We are going to tell you all you need about the moon sign!

What is your Moon Sign?

moon sign calculator

As stated previously, where the moon was at the time you were born plays a very important role in your natal chart and also in the trajectory of your life. Moon is the fastest moving planet in the system and moon signs tend to hold a very important position in astrology. It is propounded that your moon sign can reveal very interesting facts and traits about your life such as your character and behavior. These signs rule your personality and are a reflection of your soul. Your emotional progress and subconscious thoughts and emotions are made known with the help of the Moon Sign. Vedic Astrology also suggests that the Moon Sign governs some specific body parts such as the heart, bowels, bladder, and glands.

Moon Sign Calculator

The Moon Sign Calculator can help provide a brief insight into how your moon sign is placed and how it functions. India Astrologers consider the moon to be the first house, providing extremely valuable information about your life path, fate and inherent features. Given the importance of Moon Signs in our life, it is important that we learn to calculate them.

You can calculate your own to know what direction your life is moving in or what else you need to do in order to succeed. You can use our Moon Sign Calculator for this task! You can know your moon sign in a matter of minutes! You just need the following information and you are good to go! –

  • Birth Date – Year, Month, Time
  • Birth Time – Hour, Minute, Second
  • Birth Country
  • Birth Location

You can try it out yourself! Just enter the details and your Moon Sign will be shown to you.

What do different Moon Signs mean?

For every astrological sun sign, the moon sign can reflect different things. You can take reference from the zodiac moons to ascertain descriptions and meanings of your life for better understanding. Astrologers also believe that different Moon Signs in the Zodiac also indicate how you deal with challenges in your lives.

Aries Moon (March 21-April 19)

People under the Aries moon are hot-headed just like their sun sign counterparts. They are active but impulsive and are strong in the face of challenges and hurdles. They are temperamental and spontaneous.

Taurus Moon (April 20 -May 20)

It is one of the most affectionate and sensual signs. People with this moon sign can be very mentally well-balanced and prefer a stable environment for functioning. They also have a grounding aura and are a comfortable presence to everyone around them.

Gemini Moon (May 21- June20)

Given the nature of its sign, people with these moon signs have an inbuilt duality. They are known for being Mercurius and love to drown themselves in facts and figures. They love to communicate and are social.

Cancer Moon (June 21-July 22)

This moon sign tends to be nurturing and caring. Cancer moons undergo a plethora of emotions and radiate warmth and sensitivity. These moon signs have to be loved and nurtured properly. They are both sentimental and defensive.

Leo Moon (July 23-August 22)

These moon signs are creative and energetic, while also being generous and kind. It is necessary that Leo Moons are provided with regular attention. These signs also end up being the most famous.

Virgo Moon (August 22-September 22)

This Moon Sign is the most rational and pragmatic. They are analytical in nature and believe in the importance of order and structure. They need to be placated and soothed to quell their anxieties. It is important to give Virgos attention.

Libra Moon (September 23-October 22)

Libra Moon Signs tend to be balanced individuals who are always in pursuit of peace. They act as mediators and always have successful relationships with those around them. They also engage in problem solving.

Scorpio Moon (October 23-November 21)

Scorpions tend to have an unsteady mentality and are always in need for bonding. They are very loyal to those who win their trust and undergo volatile emotions. They put importance on creating boundaries when it comes to people.

Sagittarius Moon (November 22- December 21)

People with this moon sign are very curious and are always in need of expanding their knowledge and seeking answers. They love to explore and enjoy their freedom. They are always in search of new experiences and adventures

Capricorn Moon (December 22-January 19)

People with Capricorn Moon signs are ambitious and stable in their beliefs. They can also come off as rigid and emotionally distant. They like to keep to themselves and take their responsibilities very seriously.

Aquarius Moon (January 20-February 18)

These Moon Signs are sociable creatures and love meeting new people. They have a strong individual sense and value their freedom greatly. However, at times they can also be distant and arrogant.

Pisces Moon (February 19-March 20)

These Moon Signs have great sensitivity and are empathetic. They are also increasingly driven by creativity and are intellectually invigorated. They are also spiritual in nature.

You must now have better knowledge about the importance of Moon Signs and Moon Sign calendars in determining different facets that it affects. Use our Moon Sign Calculator & Calendar to ascertain your Moon Sign! Do not forget to share the results on your media platforms and circulate the same among your near and dear ones! We believe that the importance of the Moon Sign should be made known to one and all!

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