What Does Mars In 7th House Mean?


Mars, according to the Bhrigu Samhita, is a male and fiery planet of red color that rules the south direction. Mars is believed to be the son of Goddess Earth and Lord Shiv, formed from Shiv’s energy while dancing the Tandava. He is also known as “Lohitang,” which translates as ” body made of iron.” Lord Shiva blessed him to be a part of Navgraha as planet Mars. He is known for his strength and destructive abilities because he is the son of Shiva, the God of Destruction.

Mars is thought to be well suited for the profile of army commanders, leaders, players, fighters, politicians, and so on due to its powerful features. The connection of Mars with marriage-related houses, on the other hand, is not amicable. The presence of Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses of the natal chart is known as “Manglik,” it can lead to an excess of energy in these houses. And it could be harmful to the native. In this article, we will look at the placement of Mars in 7th house of the birth chart.

What Does the 7th House Represent?

7th house is representative of husband or wife, marriage, the behavior of a partner, private parts, business partnership, lovemaking, side business, the courage of children, legal battles, arguments, delays or early marriage, nephew, prosperity.

The 7th house is directly opposite to the ascendant house that reflects the native’s personality, features, and mindset. The 7th house, on the other hand, is the house of the spouse, so it will define the opposite gender’s characteristics, nature, habits, and so on.


What Does Mars Signify?

Mars represents bravery, power, aggression, leadership, valor, enthusiasm, passion, younger brothers, strength, masculinity, and blood.



Mars In 7th House For Various Signs:-


Mars In 7th house Aries Sign

Aries is the first sign in Kaal Purush’s natal chart, and Mars is the lord of Aries. It is the most energetic sign in the zodiac, and when Mars is placed in the 7th house of Aries, it forms mangal dosh. However, in his own sign, the consequences will be less severe. However, such a native will enjoy life and be passionate about sexual pleasures but will lack a sense of responsibility towards their partner. There may be difficulties in the workplace as well as a strained relationship with one’s father.

Mars In the 7th house in Tauras Sign

Mars placed in the sign of Venus can result in conflicts in the marriage. The spouse of the native can be attractive, bold, and passionate. The native can be earning from a government job or working as a surgeon. However, natives can have aggression issues which can create troubles in the marriage. Such natives should marry Manglik to avoid any serious issues in the marriage.

Mars In 7th house in Gemini Sign

Gemini is an airy dual sign of communication, self-expression, traveling, short journeys, while Mars is a fiery planet. Therefore, it is not a very favorable placement for mars. There can be more than one marriage too. A spouse can be sharp in speech, witty, and fond of networking. The native can suffer in the occupation, but an exalted aspect of mars on 2nd house could make person wealthy, asset holder and popular among friends.

Mars In 7th house of Cancer Sign

Despite the fact that the moon and mars share a cordial relationship on account of being Devs, still the army commander of Sun doesn’t feel comfortable in the feminine sign of Cancer. As both have opposite behaviors, so placement of Mars in the 7th house in the Cancer sign could make a person suffer in marriage due to being over-emotional nature. And the native might be suffering from sexual diseases. The spouse can be beautiful, artistic, and short-tempered.

Mars In 7th house in Leo Sign

Sun and Mars both are strong, fiery, masculine, royal planets and share a good relationship with each other. This is overall very advantageous placement in terms of gains, profits, especially in business. Spouse of such native can be employed at a higher position, hold authority and power, might be enjoying benefits from Government.

Mars In The 7th house of Virgo Sign

It is the sixth of the zodiac signs and is ruled by Mercury, who is intelligent, beautiful, and young. However, Virgo is an intense earthy sign associated with diseases, arguments, and debts. The presence of aggressive Mars in this sign makes the spouse a firm believer; they will stick to whatever they feel or think is right. Furthermore, the native can benefit from being a preacher or teacher and earn a substantial sum of money and property.

Mars In 7th house of Libra Sign

Mars, the ascendant Lord,  in the 7th house, aspecting his own house, and the exalted 10th house is auspicious. The individual will enjoy the earth’s riches; he or she may be a successful businessman, a government employee, or a high-profile leader. Furthermore, if the couple’s points of view clash, the individual may face domestic difficulties.

Mars In 7th house Scorpio Sign

Taureans are a fun-loving, emotional, and romantic group of people. Mars’ conjunction with the 7th line aspecting the ascendant can instill possessiveness toward love. They could be passionate lovers who genuinely care about each other. Overspending is another possibility that necessitates more effort to succeed in the workplace.

Mars In 7th house of Sagittarius Sign

Jupiter is revered by the planets as a teacher and advisor to all Devs. The fiery planet in the fire sign of Sagittarius can be dedicated to religious work and may have achieved name and fame in philanthropy as well. Native can be a skilled and charming speaker. Overall, Mars’ placement in the 7th house of Sagittarius is favorable.

Mars In 7th house of Capricorn Sign

Such a native may engage in numerous love affairs and may also marry through love marriage. The native’s spouse can work in nursing, engineering, surgery, or as a government employee. There is a chance that the native will be careless or naive about his or her responsibilities. And he could be suffering from head injuries or other mental issues.

Mars In The 7th house of Aquarius Sign

This position of Mars is inappropriate in Saturn’s enemy sign. Delays in getting married may occur, or separation may also occur in serious circumstances. The indigenous man could be aggressive, which may lead to disagreements with his wife and native’s father.

Mars In 7th house in Pisces Sign

This is the last and twelfth sign in the series of zodiac signs; symbolic of philosophy, oblivion, romanticism, emotions, creativity, imagination. This is the dual watery sign, Mars present in this sign will be channelizing its energy towards arts and love. Such natives will share a cordial relationship with their spouses.

It can be concluded from the above-mentioned shreds of evidence that Mars is not always detrimental towards marriage, but mangal dosh is fairly high in debilitated and enemy signs. Conjunction with natural malefic could result be dangerous for Manglik natives. Therefore, it is recommendatory to get charts matched before the consideration of marriage.


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