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Mangal Dosha refers to a malevolent affliction that exists in Vedic Astrology. This affliction occurs when the planet Mars (Mangal Grih) rests in the second, seventh, first, eighth, twelfth or fourth house of a person’s natal chart or horoscope. A person who has this affliction in their chart is said to be possessing the Mangal Dosha and is referred to as a Manglik. Mangal Dosha is also called the Kuja Dosha or the Bhom Dosha. The importance of this Dosha comes into play heavily during matchmaking as planet Mars is often feared for its negative and malefic impact on people’s lives.

Mars is considered a planet that symbolises war. Due to its malefic nature, it creates negative circumstances in married life. This negativity manifests especially when there is a marriage between a Manglik and a non-Manglik which inevitably tends to be disastrous. You can find out and calculate your Mangal Dosha with the help of the Mangal Dosha Calendar. We are going to delve a little deeper about the same in the article –  

Problems believed to be caused by Mangliks

People tend to think negatively of those who are born with Mangal Dosha and generally do not approach such people for marital alliances. They are thought to possess negative traits and are assumed to cause a number of problems. Some of these problems include 

  • Their innate negative traits lead to a delay in marriage 
  • The Dosha would cause disturbance and turmoil in married life
  • It would lead to a number of recurrent conflicts and fights between the married couple 
  • Mangal Dosha can cause financial losses in the person or their spouse’s life 
  • They could be marred with professional troubles 
  • Mangal Dosha in one of the spouse’s natal chart can even lead to separation or divorce of the married couple 
  • The negative effects of the Mangal Dosha can lead to lasting disabilities or even deaths of non-Manglik spouses 

It is necessary to be able to figure out if you have the Mangal Dosha or not. You can easily find this out using the Mangal Dosha Calculator. It provides the most accurate results with respect to your natal charts. 

How Long Does Mangal Dosha Last 

Many people suggest that Manga; Dosha can last for a lifetime. However, astrological sources and scriptures such as Mansagari suggest that the effect of Mangal Dosha does not last a lifetime. The malefic impact of Mars from the Dosha starts to wane at the age of 28. This does not suggest that the Dosha gets cancelled or fades away from the Manglik’s life. Mars does not deactivate at this age however it starts to channel its energy. So, apart from marrying a Manglik person, this is also another way of naturally attaining a state free of malefic energy of Mangal Dosha. 

What Are The Effects of Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha has many unfavourable impacts on marriage. Manglik people and their spouses tend to experience a great amount of tension, discomfort and unhappiness in their life. There is a great sense of disharmony among their family members. There are also concerns surrounding financial losses and negative mental states. The effects of Mangal Doshas can be understood as – 

When Mars is present in the 1st House

The first house is representative of the house of the spouse (non-manglik). It tends to have negative impacts on married life as an extension. There is a tendency for partners to enter into conflicts. These conflicts can even be violent and physical, involving both of their families.  This often leads to the manifestation of tensions, distress and turmoil in the couple’s life. Many of them end up being divorced or separated. 

When Mars is present in 2nd House

This involves the family life of the couple. The Mangal Dosha would interfere with their familial relations, causing them to be fraught with misunderstanding and turbulence. It would create an atmosphere of tensions and irritation between the couple as well as their families. 

When Mars is present in 4th House 

This house deals with issues on the professional front. The couple will experience adverse results in their professional life. It can lead to many ups and downs leading to shifts between jobs. The inevitable result of this is nerve satisfactory. Financial pressures and troubles will become part and parcel of their lives and invariably lead to added stress and troubles in their life. 

When Mars is present in the 7th House

This position of Mars makes a person very irritable and ill-tempered. Mangliks are riddled with high-energy which often ends up resulting in aggressive behaviour. They will not be able to form friendly relations with their family members. Such people will also end up being extremely domineering and dictating of those around them. In certain situations, they might also end up having several partners.  

When Mars is present in the 8th House 

Such people will end up being lazy and would not be able to maintain a rapport with their spouse or their families. They will be disrespectful to elders in the family. They are easily irritable and do not get along well with others. Such people will end up losing trust of their elders and losing paternal property. 

When Mars is present in the 12th House

In such situations, Manglik individuals will have people who will despise them. They will end up making many enemies. Many of them suffer from mental illnesses and low self-esteem at different points in their life as well. They also suffer from financial losses. 

How is Mangal Dosha Calculated 

Calculate Mangal dosha & Effects

Mangal Dosha can easily be calculated with the help of the Mangal Dosha Calculator. Mangal Dosha Calculator uses Lagna, Moon and Venus. You can understand the intensity of the Dosha in a person by using this Calculator. Low Mangal Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from either the Venus, Natal or Moon chart. This type of Dosha can get nullified when the Manglik individual turns 28. In High Mangal Dosha, however, the position of Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House in all three of the charts namely Moon, Venus and Natal. 

You can easily calculate Mangal Dosha in order to better prepare yourself to face its consequences. It is easy and you just need the following information for it! 

  • Birth Date – Year, Month, Time
  • Birth Time – Hour, Minute, Second 
  • Birth Country 
  • Birth Location 

You can try it out yourself! Just enter the details and your Dosha will be shown to you. 

What are Mangal Dosha Remedies 

Given the impact that Mangal Dosha has on your life. Astrologers and experts have devised a number of remedies in order to mitigate the impact of Mangal Dosha. These can be used to tackle the malefic influence of Mars – 

  1. Worship Lord Hanuman: Worshipping Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays can help accumulate blessings and favours for the Manglik individual. This can help in reducing or nullifying the effect of Mars. 
  2. Holding Kumbh Vivah: For this ceremony, the Manglik individual should first marry a Peepal tree, then a banana tree or silver coins to nullify all negative effects of Mangal Dosha. The negative impact of Mars will no longer bother them and they can be free from the Dosha. After this, they can marry anyone without any issues. 
  3. Perform Mangal Shanti Puja:  In case the Manglik individual is Anshik or Partial Manglik Dosha, then they can perform puja at a temple in order to attain ‘Mangal Shanti and free themself from the negative influence of Mars. 
  4. Chanting: Chanting ‘Om Shreem Hanumante Namah’ for a total of 108 times in a day while sitting in front of the Hanuman statue, a picture or the Hanuman temple can yield positive results. 
  5. Marriage: You need to make sure that a Manglik born boy marries only a Manglik girl. This tends to even out the negative impact. If Manglik individuals end up marrying non-Mangliks, there can be a significant negative influence of malefic forces on their life.
  6. Donate:  Tuesdays are auspicious days to combat Mangal Dosha. On these days you can regularly donate sharp objects, food constituting red gram dal, wheat bread, red clothes and red stones to temples and those in need. 

You must now have better knowledge about the Mangal Dosha and Mangal Dosha Calculator in determining different facets that it affects. Use our Mangal Dosha Calculator to get instant results. We believe that the importance of the Mangal Dosha should be made known to one and all, so let your near ones know! 

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