Leo Astrology Horoscope 2019

Dear Leo, welcome the year 2019 as it will bring luck and positivity into your lives and sublime all the negative energy. You have been living the same life and taking the same decisions all your life but 2019 is not going to be same for you. The year will bring drastic changes and embark you on the new paths of the life. As long as you will stay determined and focused happiness will be on the horizons. This year will bring charm to your life.

Leo Horoscope 2019 – The Year Full of Success

leo horoscopeThe year comes with a promise of change. It will be quite better off last year and the improvements will leave you astonished. We know how 2018 has left you with a bitter aftertaste however, it has no concern with 2019. This year will be remembered for the tangible change.

You know how being stagnant can bring you down and how a touch of pleasure can change it all. Make yourself the new priority of your life and give a little space to your ambitions. Don’t hesitate and embrace the change.

Here is the monthly breakdown of the year 2019 for my Leo friends.

JanuaryThe month can be the best time of your life. It couldn’t be better than this.

February– February will bring you one step closer to your goals and ambitions.

March The annual closing month will be difficult for you. The problems at your workplace will tire you out.

April One must not feel shy asking for help or support. The little support can take you miles ahead. If you need support, ask for it.

May The time will leave a long-lasting impact on your life.

June Remember relations are all about promises and promises are meant to be fulfilled.

July Stress can be killing at times and is capable of invading all the happiness and peace from your life.

August Believe in yourself. Your positive energy can revive all your relationships if you try hard.

September Drama has more harm that benefits. Don’t over react or dramatize the situation.

October Motivation is the key to success. You may feel your motivation fading during this period of time.

November The month can be good for your love life. Love is around the corner, you just need to see it.

December Just leave the stress behind and enjoy the fruit of the year 2019.

A deep insight on various aspects of your life will help.

Love Horoscope – It is all about the change

My dear Leo friends the year 2019 will kick start in a regretful tone because of the setbacks you suffered in the last year. You will be determined to taste the success in 2019 and work hard on all the projects to achieve the completion. Your love life will be impressive this year and you will progress without any obstacles.

Being honest and understanding is the key to lead a happy or successful love life. The people you love are your real treasure. Frustration can be seriously harmful so, avoiding keeping things to your heart and speak them out.

The year 2019 is all about clarity

The year will be a tranquilizer for you. It will calm you off completely. If you are in a relationship, you won’t feel any desire to argue with your partner. The little things will annoy but you will completely jerk them off. You will stop complaining and feel like your tongue is glued from some quick fix solution. Although, your tight-lipped behavior can eventually create misunderstandings and provoke tensions between you and your partner, but by the middle of the year you won’t be able to ignore it anymore. The end of the year 2019 will keep you busy with the work commitments and you will tend to ignore your love life. Don’t worry; your partner will take care of you at that time.

Career Horoscope – A successful year

The year 2019n will start with an enthusiasm and you will have a clear idea about your requirements and goals. Some tricky obstacles may hamper you year in the starting of the year but something may sabotage or mug up your plans for the year but you have the power to defend yourself.

Until mid-year, you will feel confused and uncertain about the growth of your career. The delay and confusion will let you down and create setbacks along your path. But, by the end of the year, all your efforts will be paid and a promotion will wait for you.

Take your foot off the gas

The year 2019 is definitely a hectic one full of uncertainty. You will be too busy to take time out or take a break. You will be wholeheartedly focused on your work and in building a successful professional life for you. Your intense pace in the year will give you many advantages. We will advise you to treat yourself with short breaks or a short vacation amid your busy schedule. The vacation will help you to recharge your battery and you will be back with all the energy.

The year is fortunate for you love life and it will blossom after crossing every hurdle.

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