Why It Is Important to Match Kundli before Marriage?

In India, people have faith in Vedic astrology. The concept of Kundli matching for marriage originated from Vedic astrology and according to traditions, it is considered as the first milestone of match making. The foremost step of finalizing the marriage is an important ritual in our Hindu religion and it decides the fate of groom and bride. It holds utmost significance in their lives.

Kundli matching by date of birth

Marriage is no less than a turning point in one’s life. The bond lasts for lifetime and people even believe in the relationship of seven births. Most of the families try to get the Kundlis of their children matched to check if their stars are compatible or not. Astrologers are often asked to compare the detailed birth charts of the proposed bride and groom to check if they will be able to live a happier life or not.

Have you ever wondered why Kundli matching is given so much importance in our traditions and culture? What exactly it is? We will answer these questions for you.

What is Kundli matching?

Kundli matching is an ancient Indian process in which the detailed birth charts (horoscope) or prospective bride and groom is matched before finalizing the marriage between them. The ritual is considered as the start off of the marriage processes. It is said that it is necessary to have a good match of horoscopes for the bride and groom to lead a happy married life. All the relevant yogas, doshas and gunas of both the Kundlis are considered while making a match.

The process is considered extremely important because it gives answers to the following questions.

#1 How compatible two souls are?

This is one of the major reasons behind checking the horoscope of prospective bride and groom, to check the compatibility between two. According to Vedic Astrology, there are 36 gunas in total that are matched during the process. These 36 guna match decide how happy and prosperous will their life be. Different gunas stand for different points and effect different factors of life. The gunas are an indication of personal lives and personal destinies as well. Matching the kundlis help to analyze conjugal harmony as well.

#2 Financial stability and career aspects

When two people are tied in the bond of marriage, the movements of their planets change. It not only affects their lives but puts an impact on each other’s lives as well. This effect is indicated by Bhakoot, the seventh guna of the eighth guna. Financial stability and job prospects are also considered important while Kundli matching.

#3 Compatibility to bear offspring

One of the major concerns of marriage is to bear offspring and having kids. The happiness and health of children and future off springs is also concerned while matching the horoscope. The eighth guna, Naadi becomes the deciding factor when it is related to kids. People often ask which guna is very important while matching Kundli. The answer is Naadi. This guna carries the maximum points and tells about the problems related to children, if any. Thus, Kundli matching is extremely important from the point of view of kids.

#4 What doshas are you carrying?

The positioning of stars at the timing of birth decides the fortune of a kid. This is a scientifically proven things and that is why important for every human being. Sometimes, the positioning of stars at the time of birth can create doshas like shani dosh or mangal dosh. These are the doshas that can cause trouble after marriage. One can easily detect the doshas through Kundli matching at the time of marriage. Once detected, the astrologers advice remedies or poojas to get rid of these ill effects. Marriage is not advisable in extreme cases and special matches are found.

#5 Special poojas for a better life

Astrologers may advise some special poojas for a happier married life after matching Kundlis. The poojas even help to eliminate the little doshas that can hamper a loving marital life or happiness. Poojas have the power of correcting the doshas. The detailed analysis of horoscope of bride and groom help astrologers to detect exactly which pooja is required and exactly at what time one needs to perform it.

On the whole, Kundli matching is like a guarantee to a happy and blissful married life. And this is the very much reason behind the wide acceptance of this tradition in our society.


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