What is Kuja dosha? – Effects of Kuja Dosha & Remedies

Among all planets, Kuja (Chovva / Mars) is considered as the chief. This planet represents incredible courage, vitality, confidence, hostility and combatant qualities. Kuja problem is mainly considered during marriage time. Kuja Dosha is considered as a bad yoga.

What is Kuja dosha?

When Kuja is placed in the ascendant side, 4th, 7th and 8th or 12th house of a native chart, then it is considered to be a kuja dosham. 2nd house is also considered in kuja dosha list since the house is related to family. Kuja dosha is otherwise called as Manglik dosha. If a manglik marries a non-manglik, it is considered as a disaster which can even end up with death of one of the partners.

Kuja dosha should be checked not only in Lagna chart but also in Venus and Moon Chart. When a person is affected by the Mars in none of the three charts, then he/she is called Non- Manglik. Kuja Dosha Calculator predicts you the percentage of dosha.

How does Manglik Dosha Effect on Marriage?

Mars is the Marriage karaka in a female natal chart as per astrology. If Mars is not well placed in her chart, she might miss having a good relationship with her husband. Chances of quarrels will be more and they will have less comfort in bed. However, it has to be checked out that whether the girl’s Marks have Tri kona or artha kona sthithi with any other big planet. If it is linked with Rahu, again there is a chance of delay in child birth.

Shastras say if the manglik dosha cancellation occurs in boy and girl horoscope, then they will have a guaranteed happy married life.

Remedies for Manglik dosha

Wearing gemstone: A person who has Mangal Dosha in the natal chart should wear triangular shape Red Coral Gemstone in Gold ring on Tuesday and ring finger of the right hand is the place to wear this ring. Besides this, that person can wear a silver metal molded bangle without any joint or can keep a square shape solid silver.

Chanting Mantras

Mantras relevant to Planet Mars or Lord Hanuman should be routinely chanted by a Manglik person. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa or chanting Gayathri Mantra for 108 times daily will be the best remedies. Fasting on Tuesdays will mitigate the ill-effects of Mars and it will help the planet to appease.

Offerings or Donations

Donating Jaggery, red cloth, coral, red gram, copper, will make the planet mars more relaxed and offering knives, swords to the planet and offering jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman will reduce the negativity of the planet mars.

Tie a knot with a Manglik

A manglik should marry with a manglik person. By doing so, the ill effect of kuja dosha will not affect the pair and cordial relationship can be maintained. One thing should be noted that the partially manglik should marry with the same kind of person and a complete manglik should marry with a complete counterpart.

Reciting Mangal chandika stotra

This Mangal chandika stotra is considered as a successful stotra to remove all ill effects of Mangal dosha and helps to achieve the blessings of Goddess Chandika. Lighting 5 faced lamp, offering coconut and kheer to Goddess and reciting the stotra, finally distributing the Prasadam will gradually reduce the malefic effects of the planet mars.

To reduce the affliction of the planet mars performing Vishnu vivah (marriage of a girl with the Lord Vishnu idol made of gold or silver), kumbh vivah (marriage with a mud-pot) and marriage with a peepal or banana tree are mostly advised.



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