Kala Sarpa Dosha – What is it? Effects & Remedies

Kala Sarpa Dosha is seen as an adverse phase in your natal chart, which can be a result of a variety of reasons. It is a dosha in your horoscope which is astrologically seen as a response to your past deeds (karma). Astrology says that Kala Sarpa Dosha may occur in part if a person has harmed living beings such as snakes in their past life. You can contract this Dosha if you have angered ancestors in your previous life. Going further into the discussion of the origin of Kala Sarpa Dosha, Rahu and Ketu are symbols of the great serpent in astrology. When the planets come together with these serpent symbols, it results in the Kala Sarpa Dosha, which can have different effects on your life.

If you are experiencing turbulence in your life, then Kala Sarpa Dosha can be the reason for it. You might wonder why certain misfortunes keep happening to you only. You can recognize these effects and think of probable solutions to cure Kala Sarpa Dosh.

In this article, we are going to delve a little deeper about the same –

How do you know if you have Kala Sarpa Dosha?

If you have Kala Sarpa Dosha, you can experience the following in your life –

  • If a person sees dead people or corpses in dreams, it can be a result of Kala Sarpa Dosha. These dead people are usually ancestors or recently departed dead family members.
  • People with Kala Sarpa Dosha are likely to be more family-oriented and are nurturing towards those around them. They are very giving in nature.
  • These people have an irrational fear of snakes. They also see snakes in their dreams in which they are either being bitten or coiled by snakes.
  • These people also continuously feel danger and think that someone is going to strangle them.

What happens if you have Kala Sarp Dosh?

Even though Kala Sarpa Dosha can have varying effects from person to person, having this dosha in your natal chart results in a semblance of impact on your life. Some of these include delayed and unhappy married life, developing an inferiority complex in the face of failures and chronic health issues. People with this Dosha also experience incessant bouts of anxiety and can even experience losses in business, child problems and other phobias such as agoraphobia and thanatophobia.

What are the effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha on Marriage?

You can experience many implications in your life due to Kala Sarpa Dosha. One of the most heavy effects seen are on marital life. The Kala Sarpa Dosha takes the form of ‘Vipreet Kala Sarpa Yoga’, meaning planets on the other side of the axis. The effects of such planetary positions in your kundli are adverse which leads to a stressful and complicated married life. Your marriage will become fraught with misunderstandings, doubts, and fights. Kala Sarpa Dosha can also result in a complicated relationship with children. The negative implications can be reversed with the help of the nivaran puja which will be discussed below.

What are the Remedies of Kala Sarpa Dosha?

Given its impact on people’s lives, astrologers have devised a plethora of remedial means to minimize the impact of the Kala Sarpa Dosha. These can be employed to gain some relief from this misfortune. Some of these remedies are enlisted below-

Chanting powerful mantras

Mantras can go a long way in reducing the negative impacts of Kala Sarpa Dosha. These include reciting the Maha Mrityunjay mantra or the Panchakshari mantra religiously 108 times. Other mantras that can help are Shree Sarp Sookt and Sarp Mantra.

Conducting Shiva puja

Shiva is seen as the entity to which all dosha and yoga originate from. Worshipping him religiously can help yield a number of benefits in the face of the Kala Sarpa Yoga. This can be done by offering milk, fruits, and flowers on Mondays and donating food to the poor. Performing puja on Mah Shivratri can help reap the most results to counter the impact of Kala Sarpa Dosha.

Worshipping on Nag Panchami

Religiously praying on the occasion of Nag Panchami can also reap many benefits. Fasting on this auspicious day, offering 11 coconuts to a river, and praying to Lord Krishna can prove to be effective in minimizing the negative impacts of Kala Sarpa Dosha.

Performing Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivaran Puja

This puja is aimed at reducing the impact of Kala Sarpa Dosha. People usually perform these in temples of Kalahasti and Trimbakeshwar. These pujas performed by experts can provide immediate results from this condition.

Performing Sarpa Raj Puja

Sarpa Raja Puja can also help in dealing with the effects of Kala Sarpa Dosha. For this, you need to buy a metallic image of a five-headed sarpa and keep it in your home temple. You have to present offerings to the deity in the form of rice and turmeric paste along with the metallic head. Another condition for the success of this puja is resorting to never hurting snakes or other reptiles.

Wearing gemstones and protective charms

Wearing rudraksha in the combination of 14 faces or 8+9 faces can help in reducing the negative impact of Kala Sarpa Dosha. Wearing gemstones as the Viadurya and Gomed fitted with a silver ring can also help in providing relief. The ring has to be worn on your middle finger.

Is Kala Sarpa Dosha always bad? 

Our present life is influenced by our karma which in turn is affected by the placement of Ketu and Rahu. Kala Sarpa Dosha usually produces unfavorable results because of the inactivity of the planets. However, in certain cases, the placement changes. If Rahu is ahead of Ketu then a particular Kala-Yoga is formed. The yoga increases when Rahu and Ketu are in Trikon. This will have a positive effect on your life. When the planets move more towards Rahu, the positive impact keeps multiplying. So the effects of the Kala Sarpa vary from individual to individual and depend largely on their natal horoscope charts and planet placements.

Kala Sarpa Dosha famous personalities

Even though you can face negative effects due to the Kala Sarpa Dosha in your life, you can also turn these effects around, use the remedial means we mentioned above and make your life successful. A number of famous personalities belonged to this dosha, but it did not deter them from realizing their dreams. Some of these people are-

  • Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister of Independent India)
  • Ronald Reagan (40th U.S President)
  • Sumit Agarwal (Ashok Leylad ltd)
  • Dhirubai Ambani (Indian Businessman)
  • Abraham Lincoln (16th U.S President)
  • Margaret Thatcher (Former British Prime Minister)

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