How to Increase Morale? – Astrology Remedies

Many times our morale disturbs. People have self-confidence. However, they have weak confidence. We should do some remedies to maintain morale. There are so many conditions, which affects morale. Morale becomes weak due to weak Moon. We can increase morale by chanting Aaditya Hriday Strot.

increase confidenceOne can wear three metal chhala in thumb or little finger. This will increase morale. You should wear it both thumb and both little fingers. You can also wear it in one little finger and one thumb. This will increase confidence. Always give support to the truth. Morale also improves through study. Morale rises with the company of good people.

Morale increases by listening to good thoughts. Good thoughts give good change in life. A person has weak light if the Sun is weak.

In this condition, a person attracts toward others. Some thoughts can increase morale. One should maintain confidence.One should listen to the voice of the heart to boost morale. Close your ears and concentrate on your heart. Do this remedy for at least five minutes. This will increase confidence.

Do not afraid of losing. You should work hard. God will give you his desire. You can chant “Om Klim” psalm. Chant this psalm between 8:00 PM and 2:30 AM. You should sit in front of the goddess image or idol with concentration. Chant this psalm in front of the goddess. You will feel incredible power in a few days.

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