Married Life Problems? – Try These Remedies to Improve Marriage Life

Many people face problem in marriage life. There are several reasons for it. We can manage things and get happiness from the marriage life. People do not match their horoscope while getting married. It is necessary to match the horoscope of boy and girl. The ego is a huge factor between spouses. This increase conflicts between the husband-wife.

bhakoot kootaIf you do not control your conduct, then the remedy will not help you — some exclusive remedy or worship, or by wearing a gemstone, we can expect a miracle. Someone’s mind cannot change suddenly. If any saint does this, then it cannot stay for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the ego. Husband-wife should avoid ego and work on it.

When relation breaks the life or husband-wife disturbs. Hide one copper coin in soil on Tuesday or Saturday. If you do not get the copper coin, then you can hide five pieces of Bundi. You can protect any five seeds of sweet made from besan. Hide it in soil. You can suppress 2-4 pinch of red pepper or one big red chili in the land.

If husband-wife decides to maintain harmony in their married life, then they get the benefit. Prepare yellow color cloth bundle. Put some yellow stuff in the package. Put brass lamp, honey, and yellow rice in a bundle. Prepare this bundle in such a way that one can use it. Donate this bundle to any old age person. You can also put some money in a bundle. Do this remedy on Shukalpaksh’s Thursday. This will increase happiness and peace in the home.

In ancient time, we have an idol. We obey the rules of idol. Nowadays, we do not have idol. People should take advice from this idol. If you do not get help, then you can do some remedy. Take one thread to equal your height. Color it with turmeric. Give seven circles to thread and wear it in the neck.

Keep pomegranate wood in the thread. You can avoid it while going into function. If husband-wife does this remedy, then they get the benefit. This remedy prevents any third person from coming between husband-wife. Those homes where people worship goddess Durga, their marital life improves. It is also beneficial to do Yagna of goddess Durga on asthami. Marriage life improves if husband-wife give respect to guests, give food to them.

Those homes where dogs and cows are serving, their problem reduces. If there are more conflicts in the house, then remember you pitru. Focus on your work, and be happy. If husband-wife do remedy together, then they get wonderful benefit.

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