Hasta Nakshatra | Characteristics, Pada & Predections

Hasta Nakshatra is one of the many Nakshatras that human beings possess. Hasta (Hand) is the 13th nakshatra in the zodiac table, which consists of 27 birth stars. The Hasta Nakshatra derives its power from the powerful deity Savitr or ‘Surya Deva’ and consists of qualities that associate with the sun. It is governed by the almighty plenary power of the moon. The Hasta Nakshatra animal symbolism is that of a Buffalo. 

Referred to as the ‘Golden Handed Star” and is symbolized with the help of a Hand or Fist, or a Hand open in blessing. Hasta Nakshatra centers around Virgo and is reflective of inherent characteristics such as luminance, luster, strength, knowledge, and intellect. In essence, it symbolizes the ability to grasp all sorts of things and hold on to them. It represents knowledge, conquest, and wisdom. The Moon governs this star and the key aspects of such people revolve around harmony and self-control. We are going to delve a little deeper into this Nakshatra to give you all the information you need! 

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General Characteristics of People with Hasta Nakshatra

The people who are born with the Hasta Nakshatra carry with them a number of personality traits that guide them through life. They have an air of flamboyance and charm around them, which is greatly appreciated by those who know them. They exude a sense of confidence and calmness and are inherently helpful, generous, and kind. There are other categorical traits surrounding these natives which we are going to discuss. 

Behavioral and Personality Traits

They are firm and strong in whatever they believe in. They are strong and powerful, reflecting a tendency and desire to take swift action in difficult situations, however, they do not believe in coercion. They are carriers of wisdom and knowledge. They always try to bring tense situations under control. They are exceptionally well-versed in dealing with different kinds of people. 

Positive Traits

They possess extreme sharpness and have a great amount of self-control. They have a number of positive traits that set them apart from other people. Faithfulness, strength in character as well as intellect are some other positive traits they are blessed with. They also have the innate ability to inspire, motivate and move people. They are a great source of encouragement to those around them. 

Negative Traits

Every coin has a flipside. This is true for natives of Hasta Nakshatra as well. Sometimes their love for controlling situations can make them dominating and cruel to those around them. They are born with a domineering influence and can often come off as rude and insensitive to people around them. They can be scheming and often be conniving in their behaviors towards people they don’t like. 

Professional Life of Hasta Nakshatra Natives 

Hasta Nakshatra natives possess a number of skills that make them successful in their professional life. Leadership qualities and strength of character are some of them. With their knowledge, they work their way up in the organization and reach top positions with ease and tact. They mostly enter careers that revolve around counseling. Technical and creative ventures are also successful avenues for them. They can even opt to become lawyers given their tendency and ability to settle conflicts. 

Marriage Compatibility with Hasta Nakshatra 

Natives born with Hasta Nakshatra might not get along with other Nakshatras. It is necessary to know about these Nakshatras and their marriage compatibility spectrums before choosing a partner to spend your life with. 

Hasta Nakshatra and Ashwini Nakshatra (Compatibility – 27%)

This will prove to be a difficult relationship. The couple will be fraught with misunderstandings and turmoil and will not be able to live a happy married life. If you are a Hasta Nakshatra native, no matter how successful or attractive, your spouse will not be able to appreciate your positive traits and will continuously find faults in you. It will become difficult for you to stand up to others’ expectations of you no matter how hard you try. Such a union will require you to be detached and distant.  

Hasta Nakshatra and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (Compatibility -75%)

This marriage alliance is going to reap benefits for both spouses. Your relationship will be clean and pure. You will be able to fill your married life with different colours and start a new journey together on a positive note. Given Moon’s importance in your life, as a Hasta Nakshatra you will be able to adapt seamlessly to different changes in your life. No matter what life throws your way, the couple will be able to keep their love and commitment intact.  

Hasta Nakshatra and Chitra Nakshatra (Compatibility 79%)

This marriage is a positive one. The two Nakshatras will have a great relationship which is endowed with trust and understanding. Both the Nakshatra natives will be able to understand each other well and be supportive throughout their marital journey. The couple will support each other through insecurities and bad phases. As a Hasta Nakshatra, you will love your spouse and their passionate drive towards things they love. Don’t let insecurities come in the way of your blooming relationship. 

Hasta Nakshatra and Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (Compatibility 55%)

If you marry people with this Nakshatra, you will get a partner who is social and fun-loving like you. However, your outgoing and independent nature might be perceived as a threat to them. You will face many criticisms from their end, but you will try and live up to their expectations from the relationship. You will still find it in your heart to love them despite everything. 

Hasta Nakshatra and Shatabhisha Nakshatra (Compatibility 27%)

Hasta and Shatabhisha Nakshatra will have a hard time getting along. Shatabisha will fascinate Hastas but they are increasingly mysterious and enigmatic. They will not live up to their promises and will not be simple lovers. They are complex beings who will also turn out to be the worst sexual partners. You will be hesitant in being your true self around them. You will not be able to express your feelings and emotions outrightly. 

Hasta Nakshatra Padas 

Hasta Nakshatra 1st Pada

This pada of Hasta Nakshatra is in the Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars. This constitutes an excess of energy. This however sometimes leads the native to develop skills that make them participate and gain expertise in shady activities. 

Hasta Nakshatra 2nd Pada

This pada falls in the Taurus Navamsa which is ruled by the deity Venus. People in this pada are equipped with skills of practicality and enjoy taking part in activities that give them material enjoyment. These natives also value being candid with other people and tend to be kinder than people of other padas. 

Hasta Naksha 3rd Pada

This pada is ruled by Mercury and comes in the house of Gemini Navamsa. Natives of this pada generally tend to be the most tactful and practical, driven with desires of success and armed with intellect and knowledge. They end up becoming businessmen and lead professionals in their careers. 

Hasta Nakshatra 4th Pada

This pada consists of people who come from the Cancer Navamsa which is ruled by the Moon. This is where the feelings of love and harmony between the family and marriage security come into play. Natives of this pada are also fraught with worries regarding material and financial security. The best and worst qualities of Hasta Nakshatra natives can be seen in this pada. 

Prediction 2021 for Hasta Nakshatra 

The horoscope and predictions for the year 2021 in terms of Hasta Nakshatra natives is done on the basis of Hindi astrology which is also called Kanya Rashi. A number of different events and occurrences are related to Kanya Rashi for people born as Hasta Nakshatra. We are going to discuss some of these below. 

Career Prediction 2021 for Hasta Nakshatra

This area is predicted to materialize in different ways for different padas. Natives from the 1st pada may enter government jobs. It will also be a great year for people who are engaged in careers related to law. Even people who are aspiring to switch their jobs will have favorable results. The avenues in terms of promotion and better career positions appear positive. However, avoid getting into arguments and squabbles with higher-ups and always maintain a professional front. Creatively inclined people might also see a boost in career. 

Relationship Prediction 2021 for Hasta Nakshatra

This will also vary according to the natives’ pada. People in the 4th pada can see some miscommunications and misunderstandings in their relationships. 2021 won’t be smooth sailing in the love department for Hasta Nakshatra natives in general. Some might face a breakup and others might be faced with a divorce. However, others might even see positive changes in their relationships. It is important to take care of friendships as well. 

Finance Prediction 2021 for Hasta Nakshatra

2021 will be positive for natives of this Nakshatra. They just have to try and make the best of it and make sure to not spend lavishly. Important financial matters will be solved for some natives of the 3rd pada. Natives will be able to get loans for necessary purposes. Natives need to make sure that they have a proper financial plan ready and not engage in gambling or lotteries.

Health Prediction 2021 for Hasta Nakshatra

Natives might not suffer from the best health during 2021. There are very high chances of getting into accidents or being bogged down by stress. It is important to be cautious of even minor health inconveniences. You might also experience mental stress as a result of relationship problems. Try to regularly take medical visits, consult your doctor and engage in yoga and meditation. 

We hope we were able to tell you all you need to know about Hasta Nakshatra. It is important to know the different facets of this Nakshatra in order to deal with the effects in an adequate manner! Make sure to know your Nakshatra so that you know what course of action will benefit you in the future! 

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