Importance of Gana Koota in Kundli Matching

Vedic astrology has a large system of checking compatibility between a boy and a girl before they are getting married. Gana is a fraction to it. Gana hold an important place in astrology because they play a vital play in understanding the temperament of people. They are quite useful in communication and help us to understand the basics of people.

Importance of Gana Koota in Kundli Matching

Gana Koota is a technique that helps us to determine the connection or affinity between the temperaments of partners. Gana refers to the symbol of three mythological races:

  • Deva
  • Manusha
  • Rakshasa

Gana Koota holds utmost importance when it comes to Kundli matching in Hindu marriage system. You must have seen how your elders and parents are always keen on matching kundlis before making a match. Kundlis are taken to astrologers, and they try to find the common points among the two kundlis. Gana Kootas are one of the ashtkootas and are assessed while matching gunas.

The three above mentioned gunas: Deva, manusha and Rakshasa represent satva, rajoguna and tamoguna. It is because of these gunas that different people have different characteristics.

The article will help you to know how an astrologer determines the guna of a person. According to Vedic astrology, the birth nakshatra of a person determines his gana.

Gana Wise Nakshatra’s

When you match your horoscope withy our partner, mostly the Nakshatra’s are being matched. So, below is gana wise Nakshatra list. 27 Nakshatra’s are divided in 3 gana’s, 9 nakshatra’s in each gana.

Gana of Bride/groom Deva Manushya Rakshas
Deva 6 6 0
Manushya 5 6 0
Rakshas 1 0 6


Let’s analyze the matching ganas now. According to astrology of match making, bride and groom with same gana are considered excellent match. They will enjoy a smooth, loving and compatible relationship. On the other hand, marriage between partners where one is from Devgana and other is from Manushya gana is also considered fair. Astrology says that such kind of marriage is fair.

Apart from these two gana, third is Rakshasa gana, which is considered inauspicious and unfair. It is believed to be highly unfair when the marriage of a Deva or Manushya gana person is fixed with a rakshana gana person. rakshasa gana person should prefer to marry with the same gana person only.

There is another thing we all should know. Guna is not the only factor when it comes to kundli match making. There are several other factors involved that decide the overall compatibility. Even if the ganas don’t match and the overall compatibility is fine, marriage is till comparable. On the whole, it is the overall compatibility factor that matters.

Gana koota helps in obtaining Gunank. Take a look how.

  • The gunank is 6 if the bride and groom both are from same guna.
  • The gunank is also 6 if both bride and groom are from Manushya guna.
  • If both of them belong from Rakshasa gana, the gunank also counts to 6.
  • If the groom belongs from Deva gana and bride is from Manushya gana, the gunank counts to 5.
  • In the same way, if the bride belongs to Deva gana and the groom belongs to Manushya gana, the gunank also counts to 5.
  • If the bride and groom belong to manushya and rakshasa respectively, the gunank counts to 1.
  • Similarly, if the bride belongs to rakshasa guna and the groom belongs to manushya gana, the gunank is 1.
  • If the groom is Deva and the bride is rakshasa gana, gunank counts to zero.
  • The gunank also counts to zero if the bride is deva and the groom is rakshasa guna.

A high score of gunank is an indication that the bride and groom will love each other so much and there will be hardly any arguments. You can yourself imagine the life of the couple when the gunank score is zero or one. It is the low gunank of couple which compels couples to seek some kind of relationship outside marriage.

Apart from these gunank calculation combinations, there are certain conditions where the count of gunank doesn’t matter. Vedic Astrology clearly mentions a few situations where Gana dosha is not inflicted.

  • If bride and groom have lords of signs which are mutual friends.
  • If both bride and groom have same lord of the signs. In such a case, gunas are not considered at all.
  • If the lord of navamshas of the couple are friends, astrologers skip calculating gunank because it hardly matters.
  • If bride and groom both have same navamsha.

These are the importance of Gana Koota in Kundli Matching. You can Use our online love calculator for checking the compatibility between you and your partner.


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