Future Prediction From Fingers of Your Child

One has to do struggle if there is more chakra on the finger. The more chakra on finger indicates diseases. Those who have more chakra can do impossible thing possible. The more shankh on fingers means good luck. They easily get everything.

fingerThey get benefit from journeys. If chakra and shankh are equal, then they get success. Shankh gives mercy from God and chakra gives the ability to fight against struggle.

The long finger compared to palm gives a benefit. Straight fingers are very beneficial. If the first finger moved towards the middle finger, then you are practical. They will come out of society and rich to a good position.

First and the little finger goes away from other then you may face problem in domestic life. If nails are blue or purple, then take care of your health. If the little finger is small, then you can accumulate money with the help of spouse and worshiping goddess Durga.

If fingers are hard, then luck is weak. Soft fingers indicate fewer struggles in success. If there is more hair behind the finger, then one has to do more, and he cannot accumulate wealth. The more gap between the first and second finger indicates struggle in childhood.

They get a reasonable time after the age of 35-40. It will be difficult to accumulate wealth if there are more gaps between the second and third finger. The more differences between third and fourth finger indicate more expenses in old age. Try to accumulate more wealth.

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