Read Your Fate Line as per Indian Vedic Palmistry

We follow many types of astrology. Palmistry is a type of astrology that decides the prediction based on the lines of the palm and most of us have a strong belief in this system. When considering life, career plays an important role in financial growth. Palm reading fate line focuses only on career, prosperity on the whole. The fate line is otherwise called the Career line that stretches from the wrist to the mount of Saturn under the middle finger and reflects one’s career and fortune.

This palmistry fate line predicts the growth and downfall in the career. Fate line in both the palms is observed to assess that when one can get a permanent job, promotion, changes in the career, and the earning graph. Here we will have a comprehensive study on the palmistry career fate line.

If the fate line is absent:

Do not be panic if you are absent with a fate line. It does not mean that you will never get a job or face bad luck in your career. It means your job may not be permanent and you may keep on hoping in your job. This otherwise means you may not get your dream profession or cannot be focused on a particular task. Hence, the absence of the fate line imbibes many matters.

How the Fate Line should be?

A thick brown colored with a deep and straight fate line is considered the best one. Either it should not have any breaks in between or should not cut by any horizontal lines. A person who possesses such a wonderful fate line will enjoy a royal income throughout his life without any deterrents.

When the fate line becomes narrow and thinner gradually in the palm’s middle part, it indicates a smooth fortune in a career during the younger days and it will turn to a poorer fortune after middle age.

If the fate line is oblique, it shows the person will always have a unique idea and he could judge a matter from the different point of views in work. He could think of shortcut ways to easily get success in his career.

We shall see some of the fate line branches here:

Fate line starts from lifeline


A person will be against his parents’ desires and earn incredible wealth at that age of the lifeline. He will be favored with prosperity from his 35 to 56 years. It will happen when the fate line starts from the lifeline and ends up straight to the heart line.

Fate line starts from the wrist

Fate line starts from the wrist

A person will be financially very sound if his fate line starts from the wrist or just above the wrist and it goes straight to the mount of Saturn, just below the middle finger with no break along with a cut or cross, black dots or wavy, island signs. He might certainly shine successfully in any field and can earn huge money and at any cost, he will never suffer from lack of money.

Fate line ends at the Mount of Mercury

Fate line ends at the Mount of Mercury

When one’s fate line starts from the palm base and ends at the Mount of Mercury, the person will definitely get a great victory in his business investment. If such kind of line present in both hands, it is sure that the person will be proficient in business and he might achieve great heights in commerce.

Fate line ends at Mount of Saturn

Fate line ends at Mount of Saturn

When your fate line starts from the palm base and ends at the Mount of Saturn, it means a successful career created from nothing. If the line of the sun runs along with it, it is absolute that your business will go more firmly.

Types of fate lines

Below are some of the most common type of fate lines which you can observe in your hand. Do read and check out what type of fate line you have and its meaning.

1. Double fate line

A person will be extremely lucky when he has two fate lines on the palm where one starts from the mount of the moon, crossing the headline and they end at the heart line. That person will have an improved skill set in art and craft. He will get two sources of income throughout his life and the lottery favors him. Better said, more fate lines mean more income.

Double fate line

2. Chained fate line

Where there is a chained fate line, in the beginning, it denotes an unsatisfied and unhappy life that would have deterred a person from concentrating on studies during the school days. These persons would have generally scored the least marks in the exams.

Chained fate line

3. Broken fate line

If a break occurs in the fate line from the headline to the heart line, it indicates the person’s fortune will not be good after his 40 years. But, after 55 years his fortune will turn good. A female who has such a line will be a fine housekeeper. If the fate line has a break and resumes its course parallel to the break, it shows the person will change his job and start a new career.

Broken fate line

4. Island Fate line

Islands in the fate line block career. The bigger island indicates bigger problems. An island on the fate line joint point and headline indicate financial losses or career failure caused by wrong decisions. An island on the fate line joint point and heart line show impediments in a career caused by one’s emotions.

Island Fate line

5. Forked Fate line

One can own more than one business or a company or he may be in charge of many works when a branch extends to the Mount of Jupiter from a fate line culminating at the Mount of Saturn. Such people will have a successful career and be holding an authoritative power. When the fate line ends up with a trident for anyone, he might be famous and rich.

A fate line that starts on the opposite bottom of the palm indicates the person would have chosen a gratifying career. It is also an initial point for those who start their career which deals with the public. Thus, the career line in palm decides the professional life in human beings.

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