Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Askmonk

1.1 What is Askmonk?

Askmonk is a premium astrology service where people can consult and seek solutions to problems from a trustworthy community of educated and passionate astrologers in a unique Q&A; style conversational format that is both natural to how people seek astrology and up-close and personal.

1.2 Why Askmonk?

Askmonk facilitates effective and reliable astrological solutions in an innovative Q&A; style conversational format that is both natural to how people seek astrology and up-close and personal. With the seamless payment integration and literally zero-friction while posting questions, Askmonk is the one-stop solution for easy, fast and affordable astrology on the go!

1.3 Why Premium, why not free?

A generic version of the answer you receive from horoscope website or app may be free, but if you want a personalised answer that accurately describes your current scenario – there are high chances that you would be willing to pay more!

Our vedic astrologers are thoroughly verified and join our panel by ensuring high quality answers with easy to follow remedies. We believe that trust needs to be earned and thus we have given you a right to choose the astrologer of your choice.

As a mobile-first technology startup, we have also devised an algorithm to find the best astrologer for you considering the information you have provided. They are not just the astrologers, but they also act as a life-coach by guiding you the right direction to make informed decisions.

To conclude this, consulting a reliable astrologer in an affordable price is just a click away. Give Askmonk a shot and we assure that you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

1.3 How does Askmonk works?

Select an open question or a loyalty based direct question.
Select a time period up till which you wish to have prediction (More the duration, deeper & descriptive answer you get).

Select a type of question and ask from a wide range of pre-filled questions or just write in any question you seek to know solution.

Post it and get responses in no time.

2. My Account – App

2.1 How to register?

It’s simple. All you need to have is latest version of Askmonk App! You can either provide name, email address, and password, or, you can just sign in from Google Account or Facebook account. By clicking on Sign Up button, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

2.2 How to edit profile details?

After signup is done, you will fill the mandatory details and click ‘Save’ button. But if you want to modify some of the details, then you should follow these steps:

Click on ‘Edit Profile’ button in your Homepage.

Edit the details you want to modify like Name, DOB, Birth Time, Education, Qualification etc.
After the editing is done, click on ‘Save’ button.

2.3 How does Askmonk verifies email address?

After registration is complete, you will get a verification email on your registered email address. When you open the mail, you will see ‘Click here to validate your email’ link. Click on this link and your email will be verified.

2.4 I didn’t get the verification mail. What to do?

Post registration, If you didn’t get the verification mail, then you should follow these steps:-

i) Click on the side menu, select Settings.
Click on ‘Resend Validation Email’.

2.5 I forgot my password. What to do?

In the login screen, you can click on ‘Forgot Password ?’ and provide your registered email address and click on Submit. You will get a mail, which will redirect you to create a new password.

2.6 How to change the password?

Click on the side menu, select Settings.
Click on ‘Change Password’.

3. Asking Questions

3.1 How to ask question?

At Homepage, you will see a chat icon labelled as ‘Ask Question’.
Click there and you will be redirected to ‘Click here for Questions’, where you can select any tag such as Love, Marriage, Job & Career, Business etc.
Select any tag and you will see the list of questions and select any one of them.

3.2 Can I ask custom question?

Sure, you can click on ‘Click here for Questions’ and select ‘Other’ tag to write custom question.

3.3 How to set duration?

Click on Clock icon, select any duration with has defined rate card.

3.4 Why duration?

We prefer duration based model because it helps us provide a detailed consultation for your question from the current date to the specific time-frame selected. By default it is 1 year.

3.5 After selecting the question, how to send?

After selecting the question, you will see Mail icon on the right side of the Clock icon.
Click on Mail icon, and you will see your question, and also total cost, which constitutes basic cost and service tax, depending upon the duration you have chosen.
Click on the payment gateway option and proceed to checkout.

3.6 Which Payment Gateway is Askmonk associated with?

You can pay for questions via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking, Wallets etc. which is fascilitated via our payment partners Razorpay and Paytm.

3.7 Can I edit my question?

Sure you can. But only if monk hasn’t accepted your question. To edit, click on the question, you will see a Pencil icon. Click on it, and you can either change the tag or the question or both.

3.8 I have received the answer, but I have some doubts with respect to the answer. How can I ask?

We at Askmonk strive towards 100% customer staisfaction and provide effective and radical solutions. We do have a provision for a one-time clarification from astrologer which is on company’s discretion. All you need to do is send us an email writing your concern or reach us at Helpdesk and we will take it forward from there! 🙂

3.9 Where can I see my answer?

The answer is posted on the app as well as sent to your registered email address with Askmonk.

4. Astrologers

4.1 How to see the list of astrologers?

Click on Side Menu
Select Astrologers

4.2 How to select astrologer?

You can select the astrologer on the basis of their profile, experience, rating, and the number of questions they have answered.

4.3 How to ask question directed to a particular astrologer?

Select an Astrologer, click on ‘Ask Direct Question’. If the monk is available, then you can ask question directly to them. Otherwise, you can either wait for their availability or post open question.

4.4 At what time can I expect the answer from the astrologer?

Within 48 to 72 hours.

5. Packages

5.1 What is the purpose of Packages?

Packages are meant for descriptive analysis of your life aspects such as full life, love, career, marriage etc It may take upto 10 days to complete the report in a PDF format.

5.2 What is Broad Analysis?

The Broad Analysis is for providing overall analysis with respect to your specific tag such as Love, Business, Career, Health, Wealth etc. for the next five year duration and you will get the answer within 48 to 72 hours.

6. Billing Queries

6.1 After the transaction is successful, where can I get the invoice?

You will get an email notification from Askmonk, describing the question as well as invoice.

6.2 Where can I see the transaction history?

Click on Side Menu
Select Settings
Click on Payments

7. Contact Us

7.1 How to reach if I’m a user?

For any queries or complaints, you can send us mail at [email protected] You can also do the following steps:-

Click on Side Menu
Select Settings
Click on Helpdesk
Select any Email App

7.1 How to reach if I’m an astrologer and want to become a panelist with Askmonk?

You can register yourself at Monk registration form or you can send us an email at [email protected]

8. My Account – Webapp Widget

8.1 How to post in a question from iOS or Web?

We have recently rolled out our Webapp Widget for posting in question thru web on the go! You can post your questions at

8.2 When and how will I get answer?

The answer would be posted to your registered email address in the next 48 hrs to 72 hrs by one of our commumity astrologers.

8.3 Why Webapp Widget?

We thought to ease up the process of posting questions without the dependency of a specific device! The Webapp Widget is literally a zero-firction app for posting in questions thru the web!

This document was last updated on May 18, 2022