Planets Provides Protection To Your Child’s Life

Moon has more impact on a child until the age of 8. After that, the effect of the Moon becomes stable. After the age of 12, Mercury impacts on the child. Aquatic zodiac and Moon decides the child’s life. If they are affected, then there will be a problem in a child’s protection.

child protectionA child’s health disturbs when Moon is weak in the horoscope. If there is Balrisht yoga in horoscope, then the child gets ill health. If there is no planet in the centre, lagan, fourth, seventh and tenth house, then child faces health problem. Children whose radix is 02, 04, 07 or 08 they face health problem in childhood.

On the above cases, cover the child’s throat with half silver Moon. You can cover it in a red colour thread on Monday night. Chant “Namah Shivay” for 108 times in the morning for the child. It is incredibly beneficial if Mother chants this psalm for the child. Parents can donate white food on Monday. Let the child wear less black colour clothes.

In the horoscope, if the owner of lagan is weak, the auspicious planet is emaciated then there is a problem in the child’s security. A child faces a security problem if there is guruchandal yoga in horoscope or Moon is a sin. If a child born in Rahu or Ketu’s Dasha, then he may face a security problem.

On the above cases, cover the child’s wrist with red colour thread. Regularly chant Hanuman Chalisa for child’s security. Take the child to religious place once in a week. Spend time with the child and talk with him. Keep child away from beauty products and fragrance.

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