Papasamyam Calculator – What is Papasamyam and how is it calculated?

Papasamyam Calculator

Papasamyam is defined as the means of finding dosha samyam to find compatibility of horoscopes. It is part of the process termed as kundli matching in layman terms, wherein the horoscopes of the man and the woman are matched to see if they are compatible. This is done by measuring the intensity and compatibility of … Read more

How Does Rahu in 7th House act? – Is He Desirable Or Dangerous?

Rahu in 7th House

In western astrology, Rahu is known as the dragon’s head, and Ketu is known as the dragon’s tail. They are shadow planets that do not exist in the physical world. Still, Rahu and Ketu are villains in people’s lives, despite their ability to propel a person to new heights of success. However, their basic nature … Read more

Moon Sign Calculator – What is a Moon Sign and How do you calculate it?

Moon Sign Calculator

Astrology deems the placements of planets to be extremely necessary to determine how a person’s life will pan out. The Moon Sign of an individual comes about due to the placement of the moon during the time of birth. Your horoscopes represent your sun sign but your essence is made known with the help of … Read more