Going Through UP-Downs in Career? Read Astrology Remedies

You are bound to face peaks and lows in your career. Nothing can go smooth. However, you should be capable enough to manage through it. Merely hard work does not guarantee success; there are many other astrological matters related to it.

career growthSometimes, you will feel that your career has reached a dead end, but you will soon find new ways of opening up. Know about your planets and the incidences that make you face the peaks and troughs. It will make it easier for you to get through the situations.

Which planet is responsible?

The changes in your career are observed when Saturn transits your midheaven that is the 6th or 2nd house of the horoscope. These houses talk about jobs, work, home, and money.

This is because the planet Saturn is associated with the Karmic key. It pays you well for your hard work and smart work. The deserving person is blessed with substantial rewards.

You will be held accountable for your shoddy job. You will be asked to rebuild your vocation or social position if it is not firm enough. Transit of the planet helps you to restore at a much faster, efficient pace. People may get fired in this time period, but it is nature’s way of telling that the new opportunities and ways are opening up for you.

Your maturity can help you to get through this face and overcome the obstacles. Let us see how the transit of Saturn from different positions can affect your career and work-life:

Saturn transiting the 2nd houses of finances

This transit demands you to tighten the belt of your financial expenses. In the end, you will save up so much money that you will get to invest it in resources that will get you returns (like property, business or education)

The time period will stop your allowances if you fall prey to your laziness. Make sure to value and manage your resources well.

Saturn transiting the 6th house of service

You will need to work hard for 2-3 years. Downsizing will hit you so hard that you will need to do the work of 2 persons. However, you will become irreplaceable because of your work ethics and active skills.

If you represent your poor time management, out of date skills, irregular work routines, and lack of other skills, you will be forced to seek a new direction.

Saturn transiting your 10th house of vocation or authority

Demonstrating your extensive skills and abilities will help you get a promotion. Extra duties accompany it. You will get used to the new responsibilities in the coming time.

However, don’t be ambitious if you are not in the right profession. Your horoscope decides the right profession for you. You will face numerous challenges. It will become unbearable for you to stay in the same position because of oppression, demanding boss, or work pressure.

The preserve is the key, and it will take you forward in your career.

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