Moon Sign Calculator – What is a Moon Sign and How do you calculate it?

Moon Sign Calculator

Astrology deems the placements of planets to be extremely necessary to determine how a person’s life will pan out. The Moon Sign of an individual comes about due to the placement of the moon during the time of birth. Your horoscopes represent your sun sign but your essence is made known with the help of … Read more

Bhakoot Dosha Calculator

Bhakoot Koota is the seventh test in the series of Kundli matching. It is also known as Rasi Gana. You must be wondering what is Bhakkot dosh. This is a Bhakoot dosha calculator for bhakoot koota matching you are looking for. Signs Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries … Read more

Astrology Solution To Family Problems – AskMonk

Everyone wants happiness in their domestic life. However, many people face a problem in their domestic life. There are several reasons, which affect happiness. The conflict remains in the home due to pitru dosha. The bad vastu and weak planets are also responsible for the conflict in the house. We should do some remedy of … Read more

Future Prediction From Fingers of Your Child

Future Prediction From Fingers of Your Child

One has to do struggle if there is more chakra on the finger. The more chakra on the finger indicates diseases. Those who have more chakra can do impossible things possible. The more shankh on fingers means good luck. They easily get everything. They get to benefit from journeys. If chakra and shankh are equal, … Read more