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Everyone wants happiness in their domestic life. However, many people face a problem in their domestic life. There are several reasons, which affect happiness. The conflict remains in the home due to pitru dosha. The bad vastu and weak planets are also responsible for conflict in the house. We should do some remedy of pitru dosha. Conflict occurs due to weak Mars.

family problemOne should do some remedy to get rid of pitru dosha. Do not let store the water at home or around the four sides of the house. The conflict increases if the water store around the home. Siblings cannot remain happy, or there might be a conflict between siblings. One should do Yagna in the house.

You can chant any psalm while doing Yagna. You can do Yagna on every day or once in a week. Also, involve your children in the Yagna. This will reduce the conflict and increase happiness in the home.

Parents should teach children to stand on their feet. This will avoid the conflict between the siblings. On Tuesdays, children can donate milk in the glass. They can do this remedy on Shukal Paksh’s Tuesday. This avoids conflict between siblings. Children can donate food after evening worship. Do this remedy on new moon day.

Many times there will be a conflict between family members due to property. In this case, parents should do some remedy. They should take almond, fill it with surma and cover it with red colour thread. Hide it in a flowerpot. Do this remedy on new moon day.

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